Frank Wilhelm

Dipl.-Inf. Frank Gabriel

PhD Researcher

Frank Gabriel received the Dipl.-Inf. degree in computer science from the Technical University Chemnitz, Germany, in 2011. He worked as a IT Service Management consultant before he joined the “Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks” at TU Dresden in 2015. His current research focus is multipath communication with high reliability and low latency requirements (URLLC).


Phone: +49 351 463-35601

Research Interests

  • Multipath protocols
  • Network Coding
  • Wireless mesh networks


SS 18

  • Nachrichtenverkehrstheorie

WS 17/18

  • Kommunikationsnetze 3
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Oberseminar

SS 17

  • Nachrichtenverkehrstheorie

WS 16/17

  • Kommunikationsnetze 3
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Oberseminar

SS 16

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WS 15/16

  • Kommunikationsnetze 3
  • Actual Topics
  • Oberseminar


Diploma Thesis

  • Optimizing Guaranteed Latency in Dynamic Wireless Mesh Networks (Andreas Ingo Grohmann)
  • Resilience in Opportunistically Routed Wireless Mesh Networks (David Nophut)
  • Framework for Service Function Chaining in Cloud Environment (Zuo Xiang)
  • Implementation and Evaluation of Network Coding as Virtualized Network Function (Justus Rischke)

Study Thesis

  • Implementation and Performance Evaluation of a Repetition Protocol in NCKernel (Raphael Steppart)
  • Evaluation of Sliding Window Network Coding with NS3 in WiFi (Marek Sobe)
  • Distributed Mininet on the HAEC Playground (Zuo Xiang)


  • Multipath Measurements of Sliding Window Network Coding (Andreas Grohmann)
  • Dynamic Path Modulation for Mininet (Marek Sobe)

Problem Based Learning

  • Simulating Helper Nodes in Mesh Networks with Mininet (Zuo Xiang)
  • The Impact of TCP’s Initial Congestion Window (Jörg Thalheim)


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