Maroua Taghouti

M.Sc. Maroua Taghouti

PhD Researcher

Maroua Taghouti received her Engineering degree in Telecommunications in 2012 from the National Engineering School of Tunis, followed by a master of research in Communications Systems. Before that she studied Mathematics and Physics for two year in the Institute of Preparatory Studies for Engineering of Tunis. Currently she is a PhD candidate at Tunisia Polytechnic School, and working simultaneously as a research fellow at the Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communications Networks in the Technical University of Dresden. Her research interests focus on coding theory, mainly Network Coding, and Compressed Sensing for communications and networking. She served as a reviewer for different conferences and journals including IEEE Communications Letters and IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials.


Phone: +49 351 463-33474

Research Interests

  • Network Coding
  • Compressed Sensing
  • Coding Theory


SS 17

  • Cooperative communication systems – Compressed sensing lectures/exercises

SS 18

  • Cooperative communication systems – Compressed sensing lectures/exercises


Diploma Thesis

  • Joint Compressed Sensing and Network Coding in the Finite Fields for Large-Scale WSNs (Lukas Egge, 2018)
  • Implementation of Protocol for Joint Network Coding and Compressed Sensing (Tobias Waurick, 2017)

Master Thesis

  • Compressed Sensing and Blind Source Separation based Audio Signal Analysis (Liheng Feng, 2018)

Student Thesis

  • Implementation of Sliding Window Compressed Sensing (Pablo Millàn, ongoing)
  • Implementation of Unequal-sized Packets Network Coding for Robust Header Compression version 2 Compressed IP-based Multimedia Streams (Malte Höweler, 2018)
  • Implementation of Network Coding in XDK Sensors (Borja Macho Pisano, 2018)

Hauptseminar/Oberseminar/Actual Topics

  • Hands on Compressed Sensing with Multi-view Images (Jiawei Li, Yicong Ren, Yuanfei Wang, Zhaohui Wei, 2017)


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Taghouti, Maroua ; Lucani Rötter, Daniel E; Fitzek, Frank H P

Random shift and xor of unequal-sized packets (RaSOR) to shave off transmission overhead Inproceedings

51st annual conference on information sciences and systems, CISS, Baltimore, 2017.



Taghouti, Maroua ; Lucani Rötter, Daniel E; Pedersen, Morten V; Bouallègue, Ammar

Random linear network coding for streams with unequally sized packets: Overhead reduction without zero-padded schemes Inproceedings

IEEE 23rd International Conference on Telecommunications, 2016.


Taghouti, Maroua ; Lucani Rötter, Daniel E; Pedersen, Morten V; Bouallègue, Ammar

On the impact of zero-padding in network coding efficiency with internet traffic and video traces Inproceedings

22th European Wireless Conference, 2016.


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