Communication Networks

Lecturer: Prof. Frank FitzekAssistant: M.Sc. Stanislav Mudriievskyi


This course shall give students an overview on communication systems and receive the basic knowledge to understand those systems.

Course materials and further information are to be found here.

General Information

Language of lecture: German
compulsory course, 6th semester
2 2 0 (lecture/seminar/exam)
Course Number: ET-12 10 04
Lecturer: Prof. Fitzek

Time Schedule

Lectures: Wednesday 11:10 – 12:40

Exercises: Thursday 11:10 – 12:40

06.Apr.2016L1BAR/205/HIntroduction to Course, ComNets Chair and 5G Lab Germany
07.Apr.2016L2BAR/205/HHistory of Communication Networks; Chappe telegraph; telephone networks; packets switched networks; 5G; ISO OSI Overview; Primitives
13.Apr.2016L3BAR/205/HLayer 1: Physical Layer
20.Apr.2016L4BAR/205/HTransmission Medium
21.Apr.2016L5BAR/205/HLayer 2: FEC vs. ARQ
27.Apr.2016L6BAR/205/HLayer 2: Data Link Layer; Medium Access Strategies
(Hidden Terminal, Exposed Terminal, CDMA, 802.11)
28.Apr.2016L7BAR/205/HLayer 2: Data Link Layer; Framing, 802.11
04.May.2016E2BAR/205/HParity, CRC, Hamming
11.May.2016L8BAR/205/HLayer 2: Data Link Layer; 802.11 efficiency; Ethernet; CSMA/CD
12.May.2016L9BAR/205/HLayer 3: Network Layer; Network Topologies; Ford-Fulkerson; Dijkstra; Multi-Hop; Network Coding Basics
25.May.2016E3BAR/205/HARQ: Send and Wait, Go-Back-N, Selective Repeat
26.May.2016E4BAR/205/HARQ: Effectiveness
02.Jun.2016E5BAR/205/HMedium Access: ALOHA, CSMA/CD, Polling
08.Jun.2016E6BAR/205/HMedium Access: CDMA, CSMA/CA
09.Jun.2016L10BAR/205/HLayer 3: Network Layer; Packet/Message/Curcuit Switching
15.Jun.2016E7BAR/205/HRouting: Ford-Fulkerson
16.Jun.2016E8BAR/205/HRouting: Multi Hop
22.Jun.2016L11BAR/205/HSwitching methods; IP protocol; DHCP
23.Jun.2016L12BAR/205/HLayer 4: Transport; UDP; TCP; QUIK; Coded TCP
29.Jun.2016L13BAR/205/HLayer 5,6, and 7
30.Jun.2016L14BAR/205/HVorbereitung Klausur; Beratung; Ausblick auf weitere Veranstaltungen
06.Jul.2016E9BAR/205/HSwitching methods
07.Jul.2016E10BAR/205/HHuffman code
13.Jul.2016E11BAR/205/HHands-on: Python
14.Jul.2016E12BAR/205/HHands-on: Python

Lecture Goal

In this lecture the students will learn about the basic principles for communication systems. An important role has the layered communication protocol stack that allows for a global network with large flexibility. The different layers will be introduced and prominent protocols are discussed more in detail. Together with simple programming examples the students should understand the basic approach of communication networks. The lecture will also link the teaching content with ongoing research activities at the chair.


21.07.2016 at 13:00-16:20 (4./5. DS) in room POT/81/H: written, 150 minutes.