Communication Networks 3

(Kommunikationsnetze 3)

Prof. Frank H. P. Fitzekrobert_schmoll-big
Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Frank FitzekTeaching Assistant: Robert-Steve Schmoll


Optional course, 9. Semester
Extent: 2 1 0 (V/Ü/P)
Thursday, 13:00 and Monday 09:20 every second week

Campus Navigator page for alternative room for Hands-on Sessions: FAL 106

All students who want to get a mark: the final grading will consist of an oral exam and a presentation of the projects in the hands-on sessions. Therefore, please attend all lectures, since we cannot give away the Lego robots!

Lecture slides are ONLINE: OPAL (Password needed, please write a mail or get it during the next lecture)


Prof. Fitzek, members of the chair and invited speakers (e.g. Dr. Bruno Jacobfeuerborn (Deutsche Telekom AG)).


In this lecture we discuss hot topics of communication networks that are discussed in the IETF, IEEE, and 3/5GPPP standardisation groups. Furthermore, guest lectures will complete the module.

  • Tactile Internet & Cyber Physical Systems
  • Software Defined Networks
  • Network Function Virtualisation
  • Mobile Edge Cloud
  • General Multi-Path
  • Quic & Multi-Path TCP
  • MANET (Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks)
  • Performance Evaluation Tools: Analytics, Simulation, Emulation and Implementation
  • Discrete Event and Random Numbers
  • IoT (Internet of Things) & LORA (LOng RAnge communications)
  • WebRTC, ICN (Information-Centric Networking), CDN (Content Delivery Networks)


10. Okt.2016L1BAR 218Introduction to ComNets3 with respect to IETF/IRTF, IEEE, ETSI working groups; current research at TU Dresden and the Comnets Chair, general aspects of the module
13. Okt. 2016Cancelled
20. Okt. 2016L2FAL 104Visit of the 5G Lab
24. Okt. 2016L3BAR 218Tactile Internet & Cyber-Physical Systems
27. Okt. 2016L4BAR 218Software Defined Networks
03. Nov. 2016L5BAR 218Network Function Virtualisation
07. Nov. 2016E1FAL 106Hands-On-Session
10. Nov. 2016L6BAR 218Mobile Edge Cloud
17.Nov. 2016E2FAL 106Hands-On-Session
21. Nov. 2016E3FAL 106Hands-On-Session
24. Nov. 2016E4FAL 106Hands-On-Session
01. Dez. 2016L7BAR 218General Multi-Path
05. Dez. 2016L8BAR 218Quic and Multi-Path TCP
06. Dez. 2016
L9TBDGuest Lecture CTO Deutsche Telekom Bruno Jacobfeuerborn
08. Dez. 2016L10BAR 218MANET
15. Dez. 2016L11FAL 106Performance Evaluation Tools
05. Jan. 2017L12FAL 07/08Discrete Event and Random Numbers
12. Jan. 2017E5FAL 07/08Hands-On-Session
16. Jan. 2017L13FAL 106Summary of the lecture and exam preparation
19. Jan. 2017L14FAL 106LORA, CDN, WebRTC
26. Jan. 2017L15FAL 106Hands-On-Session
30. Jan. 2017E6FAL 106Hands-on-Session
02. Feb. 2017Exam PreparationFAL 106starts 2PM, includes PBL preparation