Communication Networks 2

(Kommunikationsnetze 2)

Lecturer: Dr. Roland Schingnitz
Main lecturer:
Dr. Roland Schingnitz
Assistant: M.Sc. Sebastian Itting
M.Sc. Sebastian Itting


This course provides consolidated knowledge on basic principles of communication systems, protocols and technologies. Students should be enabled to understand those systems, to estimate trends of development, evaluate systems regarding special criteria and derive decisions for application. After a short introduction and revision of substantial basics, the course focuses on currently deployed integrated packet networks. Furthermore advanced principles and technologies will be observed. The exercises will be used for consolidation of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice in using evaluation tools and network programming.

Language of lecture: German
Optional course, 8th semester
lecture/exercise/lab: 2/1/0
This course is offered only in Summer Semester

Course Material

provided: here

Course Schedule

Starting date: 10.04.2018
Lectures: Tuesday 13:00 – 14.30    Room: GOE 229
Exercises: Thursday (odd weeks) 13:00 – 14:30    Room: BAR 213

10.Apr.2018L1GOE 229Course Organisation, Intro, Basics/Revision
High Speed Internet
12.Apr.2018E1BAR 213Basics/Revision
(Ethernet, CSMA/CD)
17.Apr.2018L2GOE 229Basics/Revision
Network Technologies
24.Apr.2018L3GOE 229Basics/Revision
IP Routing
26.Apr.2018E2BAR 213Basics/Revision
Routing Algorithms
08.May.2018L4GOE 229Layer 4 - TCP principles
15.May.2018L5GOE 229Layer 4 - TCP Advanced Variants
29.May.2018L6GOE 229Multipath TCP
05.Jun.2018L7GOE 229t.b.d.
07.Jun.2018E3BAR I/53 (!!!)Lab 1 on Network protocols
(arp, icmp, dhcp)
12.Jun.2018L8GOE 229Multimedia Networking
19.Jun.2018L9GOE 229t.b.d.
21.Jun.2018E4 / LabBAR I/53 (!!!)Lab 2 on Networking tools
(traceroute, nslookup, iperf, wireshark)
26.Jun.2018L10GOE 229SDN / Mininet
03.Jul.2018L11GOE 229Network Security
05.Jul.2018E5 / LabBAR I/53 (!!!)Lab 3 on Multipath TCP
10.Jul.2018L12GOE 229Internet of Things
17.Jul.2018L13GOE 229t.b.d.
19.Jul.2018E6 / LabBAR I/53 (!!!)Lab on SDN / Mininet

Module Number

ET-12 10 05


Exam Schedule (Doodle)

oral (30 min)

Recommended literature

Tanenbaum, A.S.; Wetherall, D.J.: COMPUTER NETWORKS, 5th Edition, 2013, Pearson Education

Kurose, J.F.; Ross, K.W.: COMPUTER NETWORKING – A Top-Down Approach, 7th Edition, 2017, Add.-Wesley, Pearson