Open Topics in the Area of Software Defined Radio

Software Defined Radio for Computing Network Nodes

Supervisor: Juan Cabrera

Radio communication systems used to be implemented mostly with hardware solutions. It was difficult to make quick changes since they involved hardware replacement, e.g., filters, and modulators, and demodulators. This changed in the later years with Software Defined Radios SDR. This technology allows developers to build up complete radio communication stacks with off-the-shelf hardware. At the Comnets Chair, we have access to a testbed of multiple SDR devices that allows us to test a plethora of communication schemes for communication networks. We are interested in deploying and evaluating the performance of multiple communication schemes for wireless network nodes that perform computation, storage, and transport of information. These types of nodes tend to be at the edge of the network, and using them for computation and storage can drastically reduce latency and increase the reliability of communication.