Best Paper Award ISWCS 2016
On Network Coded Distributed Storage: How to Repair in a Fog of Unreliable Peers
Juan A. Cabrera, D. E. Lucani, and Frank H. P. Fitzek

Best Paper Award ECBS-EERC 2015
Paper Performance Evaluation and Implementation of IP and Robust Header Compression Schemes for TCP and UDP Traffic in the Wireless Context
Mate Tomoskozi, Patrick Seeling, Peter Ekler and Frank H. P. Fitzek

Best Demo Award IEEE CCNC 2017
A P2P Assisted Video Streaming with WebRTC and Network Coding
Patrick Janos Braun, Peter Ekler and Frank H. P. Fitzek

Sächsisches Telekommunikationszentrum e.V. Dresden
Preis für hervorragende Diplomarbeiten auf dem Gebiet der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien 2016

Implementation and Evaluation of OpenStack as a Framework for easy and fast Deployment of emulated Network Environments through Resources Virtualization
Robert-Steve Schmoll