Open Topics in the Area of Wireless Communication Security

Threat Analysis of a Neutral Host Network Architecture (ST)

To propagate access to the public mobile network over a neutral host network, owned by a third party. With this solution, the internal switching architecture of a publicly accessible building is used. This technology is already specified, approved by all local network operators and in use in the United Kingdom, for example. There are currently no known active installations in Germany.

With every new technology and every new use case, new threats arise for the privacy and security of users, but also for network operators. In order to build trust in new technologies, it is of utmost importance to know not only which threats occur in the intended use cases, but also what the impact of each threat is and how to mitigate them.

In this student research project, you will create a systematic threat model for a given neutral host network architecture. You will use a reproducible and established method to evaluate the architecture in terms of its security and learn a lot about several known attacks. All possible threats shall be categorized. Countermeasures for threats shall be researched in scientific literature. If countermeasures do not exist, the student shall propose possible remedies.


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ST = Student Thesis

MT = Masters Thesis

DT = Diploma Thesis