Open Topics in the Area of Wireless Communication Security

Denial-of-Service Resilience for WPA3

Supervisor: B.Sc. Jennifer Gabriel

Modern WiFi networks are secured via the so called WPA security mecahnisms. The newest edition, WPA3 is a huge step towards up-to-date security mechanisms for WiFi networks. Unfortunately, quickly after the release of WPA3 the first vulnerabilities got released. One of the issues found remains until today, the so called “Dragondrain attack”. The attack instrumentalizes the Dragonfly handshake, also known as Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE), that is used by WPA3 to initialize the connection between the Station (STA) and the Access Point (AP). During a running attack the WiFi networks is rendered unusable for all Stations that try to log into the network. One solution for this problem may be to introduce mechanisms to avoid the excessive sending of commit messages by a single station. We are interested in an implementation and performance of such a mechanism into the handshake mechanism of WPA3. As a programming platform we use the OpenWRT operating system for WiFi Access Points.

  • Starting time: Immediate
  • Bachelors and Diploma/Master thesis
  • Required skills: basic knowledge of WiFi networks, C Programming,
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