Cooperative Communication Systems

Lecturer: Prof. Frank Fitzek
Assistant: M.Sc. Sreekrishna Pandi


This course aims at giving the students a complete overview of cooperation among modern communication networks that aids in achieving maximum network efficiency. The knowledge of approaches and methods of game theory allows the analysis of conflict situations as they occur, in the resource allocation of radio systems. The idea of cooperation among pure peer to peer networks is extended to multi-channel aware cooperation techniques like in the case of LTE over wireless meshed devices. The use of modern coding techniques such as network coding for improving the cooperation gains is highlighted in the lecture. The concept of compressed sensing and its role in cooperative systems are also briefly discussed. The final lectures deal with the application of cooperative techniques to modern networks including mobile edge clouds, wireless sensor networks and p2p networks.

The theoretical concepts dealt in the lectures are complemented with some interesting hands on experiments and games in the exercise sessions to provide an intuitive understanding of the practical use of cooperative systems.

Language of lecture: English
This course is offered only in Summer Semester

Note: The lecture location for all sessions has been shifted to FAL106.

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27.04.2017 17:00 Falkenbrunnen 07/08 Guest Lecture Prof. Muriel Médard

Please pay attention to the updated schedule and venue of the lecture below.

Time Schedule

Lectures:  Tuesday 14:50 – 16:20

LocationFAL/106 (Entrance through Würzburger Str.35)

ExercisesFriday 09:20 – 10:50 (Even weeks)

LocationFAL/106 (Entrance through Würzburger Str.35)

04/04/2017LectureFAL/106Introduction to Coop Com and Prisonner's dielemma
07/04/2017LectureFAL/106Cooperation in Nature and Game theory
11/04/2017ExerciseFAL/106Recap and coop gain calculation in PD
18/04/2017LectureFAL/106Cooperation in wireless Networks and Mobile phones - P1
21/04/2017No EventFAL/106No Event
25/04/2017LectureFAL/106Cooperation in wireless Networks and Mobile phones - P2
02/05/2017No EventFAL/106No Event
05/05/2017LectureFAL/106Mesh Networks and Batman
09/05/2017LectureFAL/106Cooperative download strategies and Energy gain computation
16/05/2017LectureFAL 07/08Introduction to Network Coding
19/05/2017ExerciseFAL/106Network Coding in Cooperation + Hands On
23/05/2017LectureFAL/106COPE & MORE
30/05/2017ExerciseFAL/106MORE - ETX, EOTX calculation
02/06/2017LectureFAL 07/08Compressed Sensing in Cooperation
13/06/2017LectureFAL/106P2P Video streaming
16/06/2017LectureFAL/106Heterogenity, Mobility and Cooperative clusters
20/06/2017ExerciseFAL/106Compressed Sensing
27/06/2017ExerciseFAL/106P2P Video streaming
30/06/2017No Event-No Event
11/07/2017Exam DiscussionFAL/106Exam Discussion
14/07/2017Guest LectureFAL/106Cooperative Caching - CADAMI (NC Startup)

Module Number

ET-12 10 22


The students are evaluated based on an Oral examination at the end of the course.

Exam date: 21.07.2017

Schedule: Please check the Opal folder for the uploaded schedule.

Location: FAL118

Recommended Literature

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  2. F.H.P. Fitzek and M. Katz. Cognitive Wireless Networks: Concepts, Methodologies and Visions Inspiring the Age of Enlightenment of Wireless Communications. 2007. Springer.
  3. F.H.P. Fitzek and Marcos Katz. Mobile Clouds: Exploiting Distributed Resources in Wireless, Mobile and Social Networks . 2014. Wiley

Resources / Lecture slides

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