Problem-Based Learning

Main lecturer



The course offers hands-on learning to the topics that are discussed in the “Communication Networks 3” course using a problem-based learning approach.


The course is organized as follows:

  1. Introductory part (1-2 meetings): We introduce the course and the problem-based learning approach. In addition, the chair members (supervisors) will offer ideas for projects.
  2. Forming teams and projects selection (1-2 meetings): Every 2-4 students form a team, select a project, meet the supervisor, finalize the project description.
  3. Project supervision and on-demand lectures (3-6): The students implement the projects and keep the supervisors updated. According to the topics of the selected projects, some lectures and exercises will be organized on demand (TBA). A project report must be submitted till TBD.
  4. Presentations (2-3 meetings): Team members present their project. Attendance of all presentations is mandatory.

Module Description

  • Module Number: ET-12 10 20
  • Language of the course: English
  • Optional course, 9th Semester
  • Extent: 2 1 0 (V/Ü/P)

Course Schedule

  • Starting date: 12.10.2023
  • Wednesday, 11:10 (even weeks) and Thursday 14:50 (every week)


Need to enroll in OPAL this semester.


  • Content: Report + Presentation
  • Current time plan (TBD)
  • Final grade: G = (Report + Presentation) / 2



Date and timeRoomTopic
12.10.23 @ 14:50BAR I86C UIntroduction of PBL and available projects
18.10.23 @ 11:10BAR 0I88 UForming teams + Selecting projects
15.11.23 @ 11:10BAR 0I88 UProject consultation and organizational sync
13.12.23 @ 11:10BAR 0I88 UIntermediate presentation
14.12.23 @ 14:50BAR I86C UIntermediate presentation (if needed)
Dec'23 - Jan'24in sync with individual project supervisorsProject consultation + On-demand lectures (linked to ComNets3)
10.01.24 @ 11:10BAR 0I88 UProject presentation dry-runs (lets improve your presentation skills)
11.01.24 @ 14:50BAR I86C UProject Report to be turned in
t.b.d.t.b.d.Final project result presentation (exam)