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We are constantly looking for committed new colleagues for our team! If you are interested in working at the chair, e.g., as SHK (student helper), PhD researcher or Post-Doc, please visit this website to get informed about new positions!

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Open Positions at ComNets

ComNets Chair


We are currently looking for a research assistant to support our Machine Learning team for a research project. The team is currently working on researching scaling of cloud systems. The approach currently being worked on comes from the field of load prediction with uncertainty. The task is to help implement, test and document the existing approach in a suitable testbed. The conception is still adaptable, should changes be recommended. If necessary, adjustments and optimizations to the approach may still be applied. After successful implementation, a corresponding evaluation will take place. We will publish the results of our work in suitable (international) scientific publications.


  • university degree (Diploma/Master) in computer science, communications engineering or communications technology
  • programming skills, preferably Python (JAX, numpy, pandas)
  • experience in using container solutions (docker, lxc, etc.) as well as orchestration (swarm, Kubernetes, k3s, preferably hosted)
  • interest in Machine Learning, especially Gaussian Processes
  • good knowledge of English and good oral and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of theoretical communications engineering and in data analysis and stochastic processes are also highly recommended.

Please submit your application documents until June 28, 2022.


  • Research Associate, send application until 08th July 2022
  • Contact: Asst.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Riccardo Bassoli
  • limited until August 14, 2025 + extension possible
  • subject to personal qualification employees are remunerated according to salary group E 13 TV-L
  • start: as soon as possible
  • 3 positions
  • see document for how to apply


We seek applications for three positions in Quantum Technologies for the experimental realization of low-latency resilient 6G-quantum communications. Low latency will be a critical key performance indicator (KPI) in future 6G communication networks. Moreover, the experimental generation and distribution of quantum entanglement at the physical layer is critical for its exploitation in future 6G communication networks. The employment of entanglement can enable efficient and effective shared randomness, which can be used for example in compressed sensing and Post-Shannon communications. However, physical parameters like probability of correct entanglement generation and fidelity have a key role. Next, quantum routers have not been standardized yet. This both from a hardware and software perspective. Additionally, it is important to integrate such a quantum routing platform with the 6G networks. Finally, quantum communication technologies have been initially proposed to achieve unprecedented security. A well-known example is the release of various quantum key distribution (QKD) protocols for making information-theoretic secure existing and upcoming classical communications. However, the realization of quantum communication networks, and their integration with future 6G architecture, is going to open new challenges from security perspective and arise new security threats. These may be critical for the future quantum-classical architecture and can eventually decrease the achievements obtained with the convergence of quantum and classical technologies into a unique network. That is why, it is important to investigate secure and resilient solutions for future 6G-quantum networks.

Research Associate 1

will have to design and realize in the experimental demonstrator the physical-layer protocol for entanglement generation and distribution. Different quantum entanglement sources will be considered according to the requirements of different kinds of applications.

Research Associate 2

will have the design and realization of the quantum router and quantum routing protocols will consider first the theoretical approach and then the subsequent practical implementation and integration in the testbed. The research and design will also take into account the employment of quantum routers in future 6G metropolitan area networks.

Research Associate 3

will ensure the design and realization of secure solutions for entanglement generation and distribution and for quantum routing. The collaboration will involve the design phase and the realization phase.


  • university degree (Diploma/Master) in electrical or electronic engineering, telecommunications engineering, computer science, physics, mathematics, or equivalent
  • strong programming skills are highly recommended
  • knowledge of quantum mechanics and focus on experimental physics can be a plus
  • candidates should be proficient in English and have good oral and written communication skills

More details about the 6G-life Research-Hub are given under

Please submit your application documents until July 08, 2022.