Hauptseminar Kommunikationssysteme


Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Rico Radeke
together with Professors/Co-workers of the Barkhausenzentrum

ENROLL VIA OPAL is recommended (material and projects upload).
The seminar series will start April 6th, 2023, subject to final scheduling / time table.


This seminar series shall help students to work, research, document and present on a scientific basis.
The Hauptseminar is preparing for Studien- /Master- and Diplomtheses.
Course materials and further information are to be found at the OPAL-Website of the course.

General Information

Course language: German
compulsory course, 6th semester
0 2 0 (lecture/seminar/exam)
Course Number: ET-12 10 02

Course schedule

All seminars and lecture are held on Thursdays, 5th DS (14:50-16:20) GÖR229
(Sommer semester 2022, could be changed for SoSe’23, update to follow)

DateLecturer / PresenterTopic
06.04.2023 14:50 GÖR 229Dr. Rico RadekeIntro to Course and Module, Organizational stuff
13.04.2023 14:50 GÖR 229Lecture 1
20.04.2023 14:50 GÖR 229Dr. Rico RadekeSeminar 1
27.04.2023 14:50 GÖR 229Lecture or Seminar
04.05.2023 14:50 GÖR 229Lecture
11.05.2023 14:50 GÖR 229Lecture
25.05.2023 14:50 GÖR 229Lecture or Seminar
25.05.2023 14:50 GÖR 229Lecture or Seminar
08.06.2023 14:50 GÖR 229Lecture or Seminar
15.06.2023 14:50 GÖR 229Lecture or Seminar
22.06.2023 14:50 GÖR 229Lecture or Seminar
29.06.2023 14:50 BAR 205Lecture or Seminar
06.07.2023 14:50 GÖR 229Lecture or Seminar
13.07.2023 14:50 GÖRSpare Date
July 2023Dr. Rico RadekeConsultation, Briefing, Coaching, Questions
at least 3 days before project presentationStudentsProject report to be turned in
at least 3 days before examStudentsExam Part 1 - Project presentation at responsible chair
17.-21.07.2023StudentsExam Part 2 - Poster session (all groups together)


The students work in small groups on a research topic affiliated with a chair of the Barkhausenzentrum.
The results have to be combined and documented in a project thesis.
Topics will be distributed in the first seminars.
Project descriptions and contact information of those will be available at the OPAL-Website.

Final Presentation

The students have to present the research results on a final meeting.