Diploma Thesis

  • Implementation and evaluation of OpenStack as a framework for easy and fast deployment of emulated network environments through resource virtualization (Robert-Steve Schmoll, 2016) – supervisor: Juan Cabrera

Master Thesis

  • Influence of an Intermediate Node in an Adaptive Video Streaming System (Alberto Marugán Torres, 2017) – supervisor: Robert-Steve Schmoll and Alexander Kropp
  • Offloading Traffic from cellular networks using networking coding and cooperation (Roberto Torre Arranz, 2017) – supervisor: Giang Nguyen and Sreekrishna Pandi

Student Thesis

  • Wireless link emulation in OpenStack (Sebastian Willmer, 2017) – supervisor: Giang Nguyen
  • Telepresence Demonstrator – Remote Controlled Car via Augmented Reality (Renbing Zhang) – supervisor: Alexander Kropp and Vincent Latzko
  • Investigation of single-hop Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication based on IEEE802.11p (Jiajing Zhang) – supervisor: Sreekrishna Pandi and Christopher Lehmann


  • Experiment Orchestration in OpenStack (Lukas Bulla, Andreas Ingo Grohmann, Martin Le, and Andreas Traßl, 2017) – supervisor: Giang Nguyen
  • Comparision of OpenStack deployment tools (Group: Zhongyi Fan, Renbin Zhang, Yu Chunhai, and Jingtao Wang, 2017) – supervisor: Giang Nguyen
  • Virtual Reality Demonstrator: Tracking of the camera axis and low latency video transmission (Moritz Eheim, 2017) – supervisor: Alexander Kropp