Diploma Thesis

  • Study of channel conditions of IEEE 802.11x networks for partial packet recovery algorithms (Raphael Steppert, 2018) – supervisor: Juan Cabrera
  • Resilience in Opportunistically Routed Wireless Mesh Networks (David Nophut, 2018) – supervisor: Simon Wunderlich
  • Real-time Wireless Guidance System for Cyclists (Jonas Bechtel, 2018) – supervisor: Ievgenii Tsokalo
  • opportunistic Routing in large-scale mesh Networks (Willy Teske, 2018) – supervisor: Ievgenii Tsokalo
  • A framework for live migration of services in cloud computing (Sebastian Willmer, 2018) – supervisor: Giang Nguyen
  • Implementation and evaluation of OpenStack as a framework for easy and fast deployment of emulated network environments through resource virtualization (Robert-Steve Schmoll, 2016) – supervisor: Juan Cabrera

Master Thesis

  • Influence of an Intermediate Node in an Adaptive Video Streaming System (Alberto Marugán Torres, 2017) – supervisor: Robert-Steve Schmoll and Alexander Kropp
  • Offloading Traffic from cellular networks using networking coding and cooperation (Roberto Torre Arranz, 2017) – supervisor: Giang Nguyen and Sreekrishna Pandi

Student Thesis

  • Comparison and Evaluation of Boot Times for Virtualized Instances (Tobias Fischer, 2019) – supervisor: Robert-Steve Schmoll
  • Improving Simultaneous Migration Time of Virtual Machines using SDN (Anna Triginer Perera, 2019) – supervisor: Robert-Steve Schmoll
  • Performance monitoring in a Software-defined network with OpenFlow (Peter Sossalla) – supervisor: Justus Rischke
  • Implementation and evaluation of different live migration strategies for Service Function Chaining(SFC) on the OpenStack platform (Alex Sarmanow) – supervisor: Zuo Xiang
  • Reliable Service Migration inside a Mobile Edge Cloud using unikernel and comparison with other techniques (Arnau Gorchs Viladrich) – supervisor: Roberto Torre Arranz
  • Implementation of Unequal-sized Packets Network Coding for Robust Header Compression version 2 Compressed IP-based Multimedia Streams (Malte Höweler) – supervisor: Máté Tömösközi and Maroua Taghouti
  • Implementation of Network Coding in XDK Sensors (Borja Macho Pisano, 2018) – supervisor: Maroua Taghouti
  • Investigation of single-hop Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication based on IEEE802.11p (Jiajing Zhang, 2018) – supervisor: Christopher Lehmann
  • Telepresence Demonstrator – Remote Controlled Car via Augmented Reality (Renbing Zhang, 2018) – supervisor: Alexander Kropp and Vincent Latzko
  • Emulating and visualizing real-world networks in OpenStack environment (Ruifeng Gao, 2018) – supervisor: Giang Nguyen
  • Improving FSC performance with Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) (Zhongyi Fan, 2018) – supervisor: Giang Nguyen
  • Wireless link emulation in OpenStack (Sebastian Willmer, 2017) – supervisor: Giang Nguyen
  • Evaluation of Sliding Window network Coding with NS3 Wifi (Marek Sobe, 2017) – supervisor: Frank Gabriel
  • Distributed cloud with metal as a service on commodity Hardware of Cloud & Heat GmbH (Stefan Senk, 2017) – supervisor: Juan Cabrera


  • Experiment Orchestration in OpenStack (Lukas Bulla, Andreas Ingo Grohmann, Martin Le, and Andreas Traßl, 2017) – supervisor: Giang Nguyen
  • Comparision of OpenStack deployment tools (Group: Zhongyi Fan, Renbin Zhang, Yu Chunhai, and Jingtao Wang, 2017) – supervisor: Giang Nguyen
  • Virtual Reality Demonstrator: Tracking of the camera axis and low latency video transmission (Moritz Eheim, 2017) – supervisor: Alexander Kropp