Oberseminar Kommunikationsnetze


Lecturer: Professor Frank FitzekLecturer: Professor Frank Fitzek
M.Sc. Huanzhuo WuTeaching assistant: M.Sc. Huanzhuo Wu



This oberseminar introduces the topics, which are about the ongoing research workings of Ph.D. researchers and colleagues from our chair, as well as invited guests.
We encourage all our students to attend this oberseminar, to see what our chair is currently working on.

General Information

  • Wednesday 14:50 – 16:20 (5.DS)
  • BAR I15, Barkhausen Bau,
  • Elective course, 9. semester
  • Module number: ET-12 10 23
  • 0 2 0 (V/Ü/P), 4 LP/Credits



  • The module mark M results from the weighted average of examination results: M=(2M1+M2)/3, which consists of a report M1 with 15-25 pages and a project defense M2 for 20 minutes presentation plus 10 minutes Q&A.
  • Supervision is provided by the respective Ph.D. researcher.
  • A Latex template for the report is available: OS_Report_Template.

Time Schedule (Preliminary)

16.Oct.2019Huanzhuo WuOrganizational Information
16.Oct.2019SupervisorProject Offers: LeanNFV, Replication, Localization, MEC, Resource Management
23.Oct.2019 @ 14:50Frank GabrielMultipath Network Coding
23.Oct.2019 @ 15:35
SupervisorProject Offers: Header Compression, Handover, Offloading MEC, Smart Grid, PControlling,
Image Compression
30.Oct.2019 @ 14:50Zuo XiangHigh Performance Packet IO and Processing in GNU/Linux OS
30.Oct.2019 @ 15:35Maroua TaghoutiJoint Compressed Sensing and Network Coding
06.Nov.2019 @ 14:50Máté TömösköziHeader Compression
06.Nov.2019 @ 15:35
13.Nov.2019 @ 14:50Simon WunderlichApplication and Development of Network Coding Strategies for Many Core Architectures
13.Nov.2019 @ 15:35Juan Alberto Cabrera Guerrero
End of the SemesterSupervisorFinal Presentation