Oberseminar Kommunikationsnetze


This oberseminar introduces the topics, which are about the ongoing research workings of PhD researchers and colleagues from our chair, as well as invited guests.
We encourage all our students to attend this oberseminar, to see what our chair is currently working on.
It is offered in winter semesters only, but for PhD students in both winter and summer semesters.

Due to the big number of students this semester, our chair offers more project topics. You can find the topic list below.

General Information from WS 2017/2018

  • Wednesday 14:50 – 16:20 (5.DS)
  • FAL 07/08, Falkenbrunnen, Würzburger Str. 35
  • Elective course, 9. semester
  • Module number: ET-12 10 23
  • 0 2 0 (V/Ü/P), 4 LP/Credits



  • Participation in all events are documented in a presence list. One apologized missing date is possible.
  • The module mark M results from the weighted average of examination results: M=(2M1+M2)/3, which consists of a report M1 with 10-20 pages and a project defense M2 for 20 minites.
  • A supervision is provided by the respective PhD researcher.
  • The date for project defense will be determined at the last two semester weeks.


11.10.2017Huanzhuo WuOrganizational Information
18.10.2017Frank GabrielResearch of Network Coding Protocols with nckernel (Topic taken)
25.10.2017Juan Alberto Cabrera GuerreroNetwork coded distributed Storage: Changing the trade-offs on the fly (Topic taken)
01.11.2017Marian UlbrichtTrustNode - Low latency, easy configurable network node for research purposes (Project Topic for Students)
08.11.2017Simon WunderlichMeshmerize - Updates on wireless opportunistic routing with network coding (No capability for project topic)
29.11.2017Tung DoanOrchestrating service function chaining (SFC) using Tacker, Network SFC and Tricircle in OpenStack multisite environment (Topic taken)
06.12.2017Máté TömösköziHeader Compression for the Next Generation Wireless (Project Topic for Students)
13.12.2017Kurniawan Dwi IriantoPhysical Layer Network Coding (PNC) in Wireless Networks with BPSK Modulation Scheme (Project Topic for Students)
20.12.2017Vu NguyenPerformance evaluation of fulcrum code variations with sparsity (Project Topic for Students)
10.01.2018Huanzhuo WuIndustrial internet solution for 5G (Project Topic for Students)
17.01.2018Robert-Steve SchmollNetwork Function Virtualization
24.01.2018Alexander KroppDocker swarm (Topic taken)
31.01.2018Roberto Torre ArranzReal Case Implementation of a Mesh Network that uses Network Coding and Cooperation (Topic taken)
To be determinedStudentsFinal Presentations
To be determinedChristopher LehmannPerformance evaluation of network coded multicast and development of D2D concepts for connected driving (Project Topic for Students)

More Project Topics for Students

  1. Smart Receivers for Fulcrum Code
  2. Live Migration of Cloud Application  (Topic taken)
  3. Vector Packet Processing (VPP): Pushing Performance Limits (Topic taken)
  4. Resilience with Opportunistic Routing