Materials and Tools

On this page, you can find material for writing and presenting your results, e.g. your student or diploma thesis. Some files may already include the ComNets logo, some may not and require your engagement 😉

Templates for Writing

We strongly recommend to use LaTex for writing your thesis!

For local Latex Installation see

  • Official TexLive / LaTex Download page
  • Recommendation for local LaTex Editor: Texmaker
    Alternatively, use either the TU Dresden Sharelatex/Overleaf browser based editor or the one from Overleaf itself.
    Hint: The web-based Overleaf installation comes with the advantage that you do not need to install tudscr yourself (see following recommendation)!
    We recommend to use the official TU Dresden Latex package including examples for all thesis types.
    This allows you to create your thesis with the TUD corporate design.
    If you unpack the archive from Github, you can find the tudscr.pdf which describes all available commands in great detail.
    For example, to write a student thesis use \thesis{student} in your tex file. In order to use the English version, swap in the first line english and ngerman, so that the desired language is last.
    What to fill in for \faculty{}, department{}, \institute{} and \chair{} can be found on the bottom of this page ↓
    The correct name and title of your supervisor and professor can be found on the staff member page 😜
    Finally, to give your thesis a nice finish, add the ComNets logo from here to the header.
    From the folder RGB respectively SW, copy the file ComNets_MZ_RGB_Subline_en.eps resp. ComNets_MZ_SW_Subline_en.eps to your tex directory and add the headlogo option to the desired pages, e.g. \makecover[headlogo=ComNets_MZ_RGB_Subline_en.eps]. This will add the ComNets logo in the top right corner of the cover page.

    Templates for Presenting

    There are two templates for creating presentations: one for LaTex and one for Microsoft Office Powerpoint.
    To use the LaTex version, please follow the instructions in the file to download and install the unofficial beamer style in TUD corporate design and how to use the template.

  • LaTex Beamer
  • Microsoft Office Powerpoint
    Next to that, there is an example for a poster template:

  • Poster ComNets
    We work on a general poster guideline but so far you can use this as an example. Ask also your supervisor about the requirements!