Peter Sossalla

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Sossalla

PhD Researcher

Peter Sossalla received his Diplom (Dipl.-Ing.) in electrical engineering in 2019 and started working in the 5G Campus project shortly afterwards.
During his studies, he worked over 2 years in the software development and additionally as a student assistant. He also completed an internship at Airbus DS. His current research focus is on Industrial Networks, TSN, Robotics, Highly Deterministic Networks and uRLLC.


Phone: +49 151 27736594

Research Interests

  • Mobile Robotics (Thesis/SHK)
  • Latency Sensitive Communication
  • Indoor Localization (Thesis/SHK)
  • Industrial Communication Protocols
  • SDN/Virtualization

SHK Wanted

We are currently looking for students for a diploma thesis or as student assistants (SHKs) for the following projects:
Indoor Localization with 5G Industrial Environments
Development of a Mobile Robotic system

Feel free to contact me ( if you are interested.