Communication Networks 3

(Kommunikationsnetze 3)

Lecturer: Professor Frank FitzekMain lecturer:Professor Frank Fitzek
Assistant: Dr.-Ing. Riccardo BassoliCo-lecturer:Dr.-Ing. Riccardo Bassoli



In this course we cover the most recent topics about communication networks such as

  • The future of communication networks and the Tactile Internet
  • Ultra-reliable low-latency communications and control theory
  • Quantum communication networks
  • Molecular communications
  • Post-Shannon communications

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Module Description


  • Module Number: ET-12 10 20
  • Language of the course: English.
  • Optional course, 9th Semester
  • Extent: 2 1 0 (V/Ü/P)

Course Schedule

  • Starting date: 12th October
  • Lectures: Tuesday at 14:50 and Wednesday at 11:10 every even week


Prof. Fitzek, members of the chair, and invited speakers (e.g. Prof. Dr. Chan-Byoung Chae from Yonsei University).


Most of the content of the lectures comes from our recently-published books

Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-Loop


Quantum Communication Networks


Related Publications:


Date and timeTopic (Lecture / Exercise)RoomLecturer
12.10.21 @ 14:50General remarks (L)BAR 218Prof. Fitzek
19.10.21 @ 14:50Future communication networks (L)BAR I15Prof. Fitzek
26.10.21 @ 14:50Future communication networks (L)BAR I15Prof. Fitzek
02.11.21 @ 14:50Ultra-reliable low-latency communications: Introduction (L)BAR I15Mr. Peter Sossalla
Mr. Johannes Busch
09.11.20 @ 14:50Ultra-reliable low-latency communications: Hands-On (E)BAR I48Mr. Peter Sossalla
Mr. Johannes Busch
16.11.21 @ 14:50Ultra-reliable low-latency communications: Hands-On (E)BAR I48Mr. Peter Sossalla
Mr. Johannes Busch
23.11.21 @ 14:50Introduction to 6G and its limitations (L)OnlineDr. Riccardo Bassoli
30.11.21 @ 14:50Quantum communication networks (L)OnlineDr. Riccardo Bassoli
01.12.21 @ 11:10Quantum mechanics: preliminaries (L)OnlineDr. Riccardo Bassoli
07.12.21 @ 14:50Quantum mechanics: preliminaries (L)OnlineDr. Riccardo Bassoli
14.12.21 @ 14:50Components of practical quantum network implementations (L)OnlineDr. Caspar Hopfmann
15.12.21 @ 11:10Practical quantum network scenarios (L)OnlineDr. Caspar Hopfmann
04.01.22 @ 14:50Quantum communications: Hands-On (E)Dr. Caspar Hopfmann
11.01.22 @ 14:50Quantum communications (L)OnlineDr. Riccardo Bassoli
12.01.22 @ 11:10Molecular Communication: Overview from Prof. Chan-Byoung Chae (L)OnlineMr. Pit Hofmann, Dr. Rico Radeke
18.01.22 @ 14:50Molecular Communication: Interactive Question and Answer Session (Preparation on Youtube) (L+E)OnlineMr. Pit Hofmann, Dr. Rico Radeke
25.01.22 @ 14:50Post-Shannon communications (L)OnlineMr. Juan A. Cabrera Guerrero
26.01.22 @ 11:10Post-Shannon communications (L)OnlineMr. Caspar v. Lengerke
08.02.22 @ 14:50Exam Preparation/RecapOnline via BBB:
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