Communication Networks 3

(Kommunikationsnetze 3)

Main lecturer:

Prof. Riccardo Bassoli  Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Riccardo Bassoli

Teaching assistants:

  Hilal Sultan Duranoglu Tunc                   Sonai Biswas


In this course we cover the most recent topics about communication networks such as

  • Future communication networks: 6G and the Quantum Internet
  • Basics of quantum mechanics
  • Quantum communication networks: hardware, software, and applications
  • Quantum computing and quantum sensing
  • Molecular communications
  • Post-Shannon communications

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Module Description


  • Module Number: ET-12 10 20
  • Language of the course: English.
  • Optional course, 9th Semester
  • Extent: 2 1 0 (V/Ü/P)

Course Schedule

  • Starting date: 10th October
  • Lectures: Tuesday at 14:50 and Wednesday at 11:10 every odd week


Prof. Bassoli, Prof. Fitzek, members of the chair, and invited experts like Dr. Hopfmann (IFW Dresden), Dr. Nötzel (TU München), Dr. Ferrara (TU München), and Prof. Almudever (Technical University of Valencia).


Most of the content of the lectures comes from our recently-published books

Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-Loop

Quantum Communication Networks

Related Publications:

  • Riccardo Bassoli, Frank H. P. Fitzek, Emilio Calvanese Strinati: Why do we need 6G?, ITU Journal on Future and Evolving Technologies, 2 (6), 2021.
  • Roberto Ferrara, Riccardo Bassoli, Christian Deppe, Frank H. P. Fitzek, Holger Boche: The Computational and Latency Advantage of Quantum Communication Networks, IEEE Communications Magazine, 59 (6), pp. 132-137, 2021.
  • Stephen DiAdamo, Janis Nötzel, Simon Sekavčnik, Riccardo Bassoli, Roberto Ferrara, Christian Deppe, Frank H. P. Fitzek, Holger Boche: Integrating Quantum Simulation for Quantum-Enhanced Classical Network Emulation, IEEE Communications Letters, 2021.
  • Juan A. Cabrera, Holger Boche, Christian Deppe, Rafael F. Schaefer, Christian Scheunert, and Frank H. P. Fitzek: 6G and the Post-Shannon Theory, Emmanuel Bertin, Noël Crespi, Thomas Magedanz (Ed.): Shaping Future 6G Networks: Needs, Impacts and Technologies, Wiley-IEEE, 2021, ISBN: 978-1119765516.


Date and timeTopic (Lecture / Exercise)Room
10.10.23@ 14:50Vision of future communication networks (L)BAR 213H
11.10.23@ 11:106G architecture and technologies (L)BAR I88U
17.10.23@ 14:50Basics of Quantum Mechanics: quantum circuits (L)BAR 213H
24.10.23 @ 14:50Basics of Quantum Mechanics (L)BAR 213H
25.10.23 @ 11:10Basics of Quantum Mechanics (E)BAR I88U
31.10.23 @ 14:50Bank holiday
07.11.23 @ 14:50Quantum Error Correction (L)BAR 213H
08.11.23 @ 11:10The vision of the quantum Internet (L)BAR I88U
14.11.23 @ 14:50Entanglement and quantum games (L)BAR 213H
21.11.23 @ 14:50Quantum Key Distribution (L)BAR 213H
22.11.23 @ 11:10Bank holiday
28.11.23 @ 14:50Quantum technologies for network synchronisation (L)BAR 213H
05.12.23 @ 14:50Superconducting qubits (L)BAR 213H
06.12.23 @ 11:10Quantum sensing (L)BAR I88U
12.12.23 @ 14:50Practical aspects of entanglement and quantum networks (L)BAR 213H
19.12.23 @ 14:50Practical aspects of entanglement and quantum networks (L)BAR 213H
20.12.23 @ 11:10Quantum sources based on quantum dots (L)BAR I88U
02.01.24 @ 14:50Turn of the year
03.01.24 @ 11:10Turn of the year
09.01.24 @ 14:50Mid-course recap and Q&A (L)BAR 213H
16.01.24 @ 14:50Molecular communications (L)BAR 213H
17.01.24 @ 11:10Molecular communications (E)BAR I88U
23.01.24 @ 14:50Post-Shannon communications (L)BAR 213H
30.01.24 @ 14:50Post-Shannon communications (L)BAR 213H
31.01.24 @ 11:10Post-Shannon communications (L)BAR I88U
06.02.24 @ 14:50Next generation direct communication: 5G-V2X (L)BAR 213H