Communication Networks 3

(Kommunikationsnetze 3)

Exam date: 14th February, meeting time 8am in FAL105!

Please write Robert a mail if you want to take part in the exam, stating your Matrikel-Nr. and name.

Prof. Frank H. P. Fitzekrobert_schmoll-big
Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Frank FitzekTeaching Assistant: Robert-Steve Schmoll


Optional course, 9. Semester
Extent: 2 1 0 (V/Ü/P)
Thursday, 13:00 and Wednesday 11:10 every second week

Lecture slides are ONLINE: OPAL (Password needed, please write a mail or get it during the next lecture)


Prof. Fitzek, members of the chair and invited speakers (e.g. Dr. Bruno Jacobfeuerborn (Deutsche Telekom AG)).


In this lecture we discuss hot topics of communication networks that are discussed in the IETF, IEEE, and 3/5GPPP standardisation groups. Furthermore, guest lectures will complete the module.

  • Tactile Internet & Cyber Physical Systems
  • Software Defined Networks
  • Network Function Virtualisation
  • Mobile Edge Cloud
  • General Multi-Path
  • Quic & Multi-Path TCP
  • MANET (Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks)
  • Performance Evaluation Tools: Analytics, Simulation, Emulation and Implementation
  • Discrete Event and Random Numbers
  • IoT (Internet of Things) & LORA (LOng RAnge communications)
  • WebRTC, ICN (Information-Centric Networking), CDN (Content Delivery Networks)


12. Okt. 2017BAR 2185G Atom + Tactile Internet
18. Okt. 2017FAL 105cancelled
19. Okt. 2017FAL 105Mobile Edge Cloud, Network Slicing
26. Okt. 2017FAL 07/08NFV + SDN
1. Nov. 2017FAL 105Multipath (Frawi)
2. Nov. 2017FAL 105Multipath Exercise (Frawi)
9. Nov. 2017FAL 105Openstack 1 (Giang)
15. Nov. 2017FAL 105Openstack Exercise (Robert)
16. Nov. 2017FAL 105SDN 1 (Frawi)
23. Nov. 2017FAL 105SDN 2 (Frawi)
29. Nov. 2017FAL 105Machine Learning 1 (Mate)
30. Nov. 2017FAL 105Openstack Exercise (Giang)
7. Dez. 2017FAL 105Machine Learning 2 (Mate)
13. Dez. 2017FAL 105CDN/ICN (Anil)
14. Dez. 2017FAL 105Sliding Window (Simon)
4. Jan. 2018FAL 105SDR 1 (Kurniawan)
10. Jan. 2018FAL 105SDR 2 (Kurniawan)
11. Jan. 2018FAL 105MANET (Zhenya)
18. Jan. 2018FAL 105V2V Communication (Christopher)
24. Jan. 2018FAL 105IPv6 (Krishna)
25. Jan. 2018FAL 105LORA (Krishna)
1. Feb. 2018FAL 105Exam Preparation