Communication Networks 1 / Kommunikationsnetze 1


Lecturer: Professor Frank Fitzek
Assistant: Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Senk
Assistant: Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Senk
Main lecturer



In this lecture the students will learn about the basic principles for communication systems. An important role has the layered communication protocol stack that allows for a global network with large flexibility. The different layers will be introduced and prominent protocols are discussed more in detail. Together with simple programming examples the students should understand the basic approach of communication networks. The lecture will also link the teaching content with ongoing research activities at the chair.

Course Basics

  • The course as well as the exam will only be offered during the summer semester.
  • Language: German (slides/exercise tasks in English)
  • Course Number:
  • Compulsory course (ET/IT: 6th semester)
  • 2 2 0 (lecture/seminar/practical course)
  • Written exam: 150min

Corona related Information

Important Links

We request all students to enroll on the OPAL course and to join the TUD Matrix Chatroom. See links above.


Time Schedule Summer Semester 2023

  • Tuesday, 9:20 – 10:50, t.b.d.
  • Thursday, 11:10 – 12:40, t.b.d.

DateTypeLocationTopicYoutube Videos
01.04.2023L1-1t.b.d.Organization, Introduction of ComNets ChairL0-01 to L0-02


  • L – Lecture
  • E – Exercise
  • t.b.d. – to be determined