Communication Networks 1
(Kommunikationsnetze 1)

Lecturer: Professor Frank Fitzek
Main lecturer:
Professor Frank Fitzek
Assistant: M.Sc. Alexander Kropp
M.Sc. Alexander Kropp
Assistant: Dipl.-Ing. Justus Rischke
Dipl.-Ing. Justus Rischke


This course shall give students an overview on communication systems and receive the basic knowledge to understand those systems.

Course materials and further information are to be found here (password in lecture).

General Information

Language of lecture: German
compulsory course, 6th semester
2 2 0 (lecture/seminar/exam)
Course Number: ET-12 10 04
Lecturer: Prof. Fitzek

Time Schedule (Preliminary)

Wednesday 11:10 – 12:40: GÖR/127/U

Thursday 11:10 – 12:40: GÖR/226/H

03.04.2019LGÖR/127/UVorstellung Comnets, History of Communication, Future of Comnets
04.04.2019EGÖR/226/HPython Sockets
10.04.2019LGÖR/127/ULayered World of Protocols, geschl/offene Systeme, ISO OSI, Overview Layers, Standardization, Python-Example
11.04.2019EGÖR/226/HISO OSI
17.04.2019LGÖR/127/UCryptography and Security
18.04.2019EGÖR/226/HCryptography and Security
24.04.2019LGÖR/127/UPhysical: Tasks, Transmission Medium, Quantization, Modulation, Coding, Fault Condition Notification, Hamming Distance/Codes, CRC
25.04.2019LGÖR/226/HData Link 1: Channel Access, Multiple Access, Aloha, Poisson, 802.11
01.05.2019-GÖR/127/UNo Lecture/Tag der Arbeit
02.05.2019LGÖR/127/UData Link 2: Medium Acccess, FEC, ARQ, CDMA, Ethernet, Hub, Switch
08.05.2019LGÖR/226/HNetwork Layer 1: Topology, Min-Cut Capacity, Ford-Fulkerson, Routing, Network Coding, Switching
09.05.2019LGÖR/127/UNetwork Layer 2: IP, ARP, DHCP
15.05.2019LGÖR/226/HTransport Layer
16.05.2019LGÖR/226/HHigher Layers
22.05.2019-GÖR/127/UNo Lecture/Dies Academicus
23.05.2019EGÖR/226/HPhysical Layer
30.05.2019-GÖR/226/HNo Lecture/Ascension day
05.06.2019EGÖR/127/UMultiple Access, TDMA, Aloha, CSMA/CA, CDMA
06.06.2019EGÖR/226/HFEC, ARQ, Ethernet, MTU, Hub, Switch, Router
12.06.2019-GÖR/127/UNo Lecture/Pentecost Week
13.06.2019-GÖR/226/HNo Lecture/Pentecost Week
19.06.2019EGÖR/127/UInterframe Spacing, CTS, NAV, Hidden Terminal, Exposed Terminal, LTE vs WiFi
20.06.2019EGÖR/127/UTopologies, Min-Cut/Ford-Fulkerson
26.06.2019EGÖR/127/UDijkstra, Multi-Hop/Mean Number of Hops
27.06.2019EGÖR/226/HSwitching, IPv4, ARP, DHCP, Wireshark
03.07.2019EGÖR/127/ULayer 4 Tasks, UDP, TCP, Slow Start, QUIC/Coded TCP, PAT
04.07.2019EGÖR/226/HWireshark, Internet Walkthrough
10.07.2019EGÖR/127/UExam Preparation
11.07.2019EGÖR/226/HExam Preparation

Lecture Goal

In this lecture the students will learn about the basic principles for communication systems. An important role has the layered communication protocol stack that allows for a global network with large flexibility. The different layers will be introduced and prominent protocols are discussed more in detail. Together with simple programming examples the students should understand the basic approach of communication networks. The lecture will also link the teaching content with ongoing research activities at the chair.