Communication Networks 1
(Kommunikationsnetze 1)

Lecturer: Prof. Frank FitzekAssistant: M.Sc. Alexander Kropp


For exam inspection please mail to Alexander.Kropp (at)
Date: 20.07.17 11:10-13:40 (150 minutes)
Place: ZEU/250/Z
The exam will consist of 11 tasks, but only your best 10 tasks will go into the evaluation.
This means that you can skip 1 task without any negative impact on your exam.


This course shall give students an overview on communication systems and receive the basic knowledge to understand those systems.

Course materials and further information are to be found here (password in second lecture).

General Information

Language of lecture: German
compulsory course, 6th semester
2 2 0 (lecture/seminar/exam)
Course Number: ET-12 10 04
Lecturer: Prof. Fitzek

Time Schedule (Preliminary)

Lectures: Wednesday 11:10 – 12:40

Exercises: Thursday 11:10 – 12:40

05.04.2017L1BAR/205/HVorstellung Comnets, History of Communication, Future of Comnets
06.04.2017L2BAR/205/HLayered World of Protocols, geschl/offene Systeme, ISO OSI, Overview Layers, Standardization, Python-Example
12.04.2017E1BAR/205/HOSI Layer
13.04.2017E2BAR/205/HSource Coding
19.04.2017L3BAR/205/HPhysical: Tasks, Transmission Medium, Quantization, Modulation, Coding, Fault Condition Notification, Hamming Distance/Codes, CRC
20.04.2017E3BAR/205/HHands-on: Python
26.04.2017L4BAR/205/HData Link 1: Channel Access, Multiple Access, Aloha, Poisson, 802.11
27.04.2017L5BAR/205/HData Link 2: Medium Acccess, FEC, ARQ, CDMA
04.05.2017E4BAR/205/HHamming Distance, CRC, FEC(Hamming Code)
10.05.2017L6BAR/205/HData Link 3: Ethernet, Hub, Switch
11.05.2017E5BAR/205/HMultiple Access, Aloha, Poisson
18.05.2017E6BAR/205/HMedium Acccess, ARQ,
24.05.2017L7BAR/205/HCellular, WiFi, Bluetooth
31.05.2017E7BAR/205/HMedium Access, Wifi
14.06.2017L8BAR/205/HNetwork Layer, Topology, Min-Cut Capacity, Ford-Fulkerson, Routing, Network Coding
15.06.2017L9BAR/205/HSwitching Methods: Circuit, Message, Packet, SDN, IP, ARP, DHCP
21.06.2017L10BAR/205/HTransport Layer
22.06.2017L11BAR/205/HHigher Layers
28.06.2017L12BAR/205/H5G Lab Germany
29.06.2017E9BAR/205/HFord-Fulkerson, Routing, Multi-Hop, Python
05.07.2017E10BAR/205/HFord-Fulkerson, Routing, Multi-Hop, Python
06.07.2017E11BAR/205/HFord-Fulkerson, Routing, Multi-Hop, Python
13.07.2017E13 5G LabVisit 5G Lab Germany

Lecture Goal

In this lecture the students will learn about the basic principles for communication systems. An important role has the layered communication protocol stack that allows for a global network with large flexibility. The different layers will be introduced and prominent protocols are discussed more in detail. Together with simple programming examples the students should understand the basic approach of communication networks. The lecture will also link the teaching content with ongoing research activities at the chair.