ICT for Smart Grids


Lecturer: Professor Frank Fitzek
Stanislav Mudriievskyi
Main lecturer


Course will be held partially online due to current corona situation.
More information can be found in TUD Aktuelle Hinweise COVID-19


The course ICT for Smart Grids is offered for students in the module “Kommunikationstechnik” from the Renewable Energy Systems studies. It is linked to the course “Kommunikationsnetze” in this module as well.
The course focuses on communication technologies specific to IoT scenarios (ZigBee, LoRa), Application Layer IoT protocols (MQTT, COAP), data management systems and an introduction to datatbase design, data analysis (traditional and machine learning based), and security.
From this course, students will learn how to approach the design of a distributed and remotely controlled system, from the selection of the communication technology, to the application data management and privacy.

Language of lecture: English
This course is offered only in Summer Semester.

All students are required to enrol in the course through Opal.

Please pay attention to the updated schedule and venue of the lecture below.

Module Number: RES-WK-45

Time Schedule

Lectures: Tuesdays 14:50 – 16:20

13.04.21L1Stanislav MudriievskyionlineIntroduction to the Course
20.04.21L2Abdelrahman AbdelkaderonlineOverview Communications. Smart Grids and IoT
27.04.21L3Abdelrahman AbdelkaderonlineIoT Concepts and Protocols 1: PHY, MAC
04.05.21L4Abdelrahman AbdelkaderonlineIoT Concepts and Protocols 2: Application Layer
11.05.21L5Sen.-Prof. LehnertonlinePLC
18.05.21L6Ilya SychevonlineQ&A Sestion; DBMS 1: Relational Databases and SQL
25.05.21-onlineNo Lecture/Pentecost
01.06.21L7Ilya SychevonlineDBMS 2: NOSQL DBMS
08.06.21L8Vincent LatzkoonlineData Analysis 1: Background
15.06.21L9Vincent LatzkoonlineData Analysis 2: Traditional Methods
22.06.21L10Vincent LatzkoonlineQ&A Sestion; Data Analysis 3: Machine Learning Methods
29.06.21L11Vincent LatzkoonlineData Analysis 4: Deep Learning (Hands on)
06.07.21L12Alexander KropponlineInformation Security 1: Security and Cryptography
13.07.21L13Alexander Kropp & Jennifer GabrielonlineInformation Security 2: Cryptographic Protocols
20.07.21Stanislav Mudriievskyilets seeBuffer/Consultation


Oral exam on 06.08.2021 09:00-12:00 in presence, duration around 20 minutes per student. If you registered for the exam, please send a short email to stanislav.mudriievskyi@tu-dresden.de to become the exact time slot for your exam.
The exam can be in English or German. Please tell us your language preference at the beginning of the exam.


Resources / Lecture slides

Please check the course page at Opal for the latest slides and other resources