Open SHK (student helper) Positions

You can find all open SHK positions of our chair on this page. If you are interested in a topic, don’t hesitate and contact the responsible supervisor today for more information. We look forward to working with you soon.

Object Detection for Mobile Robots

Supervisor: Peter Sossalla
Document: Object Detection for Mobile Robots
We are looking for motivated students that would like to participate in research projects in the area of Robotics and 5G.

We are actively looking for students to help us with the realization of a mobile robot use case in the Transparent Factory (Gläserne Manufaktur). This involves the implementation of an object recognition with an RGB-D camera. This can be for example an Intel Realsense camera. Our goal is to recognize a car body with the help of RGB or depth data, to determine the relative position and to plan the approach of the robot accordingly.

  • Optimal skills: Knowledge in programming languages (C++, Python…), OpenCV, ROS, OpenVino
  • Starting time: Immediately
  • Weekly working hours: Between 5h and 20h, preferably at least 10h

Development of Mobile Edge Cloud (MEC) Framework

Supervisor: Tung Doan

Mobile Edge Cloud (MEC) is a novel computing paradigm that brings cloud services closer to end users. Thanks to this design, MEC becomes an enabler for various emerging applications such as autonomous driving and Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR). Toward this end, building an MEC framework to orchestrate these applications in MEC has gained tremendous interests from both academia and industries.

We are looking for highly motivated students, who are interested in helping us to develop our on-going MEC framework, which is currently built on top of OpenStack ( – a popular open-source cloud-computing platform. The students will gain hands-on experiences on OpenStack and Kubernetes, which are two carrier-grade cloud solutions.

  • Starting time: Immediately
  • Required skills: Linux and Python
  • Basic knowledge and experiences (e.g., OpenStack, Kubernetes) in cloud computing are preferable.