Diploma Thesis

  • Streaming Data Management for COIN-enabled Blind Source Separation (Yunbin Shen) – Supervisor: Huanzhuo Wu
  • Cloud based robot grasp detection for industry 4.0 (Robert Mörseburg) – Supervisor: Andreas Grohmann
  • AI aided robot remote control (Adrian Bretschneider Perez) – Supervisor: Andreas Ingo Grohmann
  • Computing in the Network for Cooperative Blind Source Separation (Xiaochu Tan) – Supervisor: Huanzhuo Wu, Zuo Xiang
  • Exploring the benefits of the application states in Mobile Edge Cloud (Chenglin Ding) – Supervisor: Tung Doan
  • Information Abstraction for Big Data Analysis: A Case Study of Multi-object Acoustic Anomaly Detection (Jia He) – Supervisor: Huanzhuo Wu

Master Thesis

  • Mobility- and Incentive-aware Task Offloading Framework considering inter-dependency of tasks in Device-enhanced MEC systems (Osel Lhamo) – Supervisor: Christian Vielhaus

Student/Bachelor Thesis

  • Study of Cellular Connection Latency and Outage Detection (Jennifer Schwardt) – Supervisor: David Nophut
  • Study of Quantum Teleportation Performance in Classical-Quantum Communication Networks (Lan Yao) – Supervisor: Riccardo Bassoli
  • Evaluation of the NetFPGA platform for network testing (Johannes Hofer) – Supervisor: Justus Rischke
  • Control of a mobile robotic system from an edge cloud (Hendrik Thilo Hostombe) – Supervisor: Peter Sossalla
  • Transparente Datenverschlüsselung in Kubernetes (Silvio Ankermann) – supervisor: Jennifer Gabriel