Diploma Thesis

  • Field Study of a Deployment of Different Low Power WAN Technologies with Cooperation (Ulrich-Matthias Schäfer) – supervisor: Justus Rischke
  • Evaluation and Implementation of Adaptive Service Function Chaining Protocol for Latency Sensitive Object Detection (Renbing Zhang) – supervisor: Alexander Kropp and Zuo Xiang
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Control (Johannes Busch) – supervisor: Vincent Latzko
  • Compressive Source Separation (Siran Zhang) – supervisor: Huanzhuo Wu
  • Joint Compressed Sensing and Network Coding in the Finite Fields for Large-Scale WSNs (Lukas Egge) – supervisor: Christian Scheunert
  • Network Coding assisted Broadcast for Vehicular Communiaction (Yicong Su) – supervisor: Christopher Lehmann
  • Design, implement, and validate via software simulation a reinforcement learning based orchestrator for the utilization of Electrical Vehicles (EVs) as mobile energy sources in the presence of stochastic power generation based on renewable energies (Jiajing Zhang) – supervisor: Riccardo Bonetto

Master Thesis

  • Analysis, Improvement and Evaluation of AV1 Video Codec (Cheng Chiang Huang) – supervisor: Alexander Kropp
  • Compressed Sensing and Blind Source Separation based Audio Signal Analyse (Liheng Feng) – supervisor: Huanzhuo Wu
  • Blind Source Separation based Anomaly Detection (Shuyue Cheng) – supervisor: Huanzhuo Wu

Student Thesis

  • Optimising and Learning Coding Parameters (Christian Vielhaus) – supervisor: Vincent Latzko
  • Optimization of Random Linear Network Coding Protocols for Multipath Communications in Heterogeneous Networks (Clara Costa Sala) – supervisor: Roberto Torre Arranz
  • Study and Evaluation of Network Coding Protocols for Low Latency Applications (Jingshu Zhou) – supervisor: Sreekrishna Pandi
  • Study and Evaluation of Resilience in Multipath Mesh Networks (Pau de la Cuesta) – supervisor: Sreekrishna Pandi
  • Improving Simultaneous Migration Time of Virtual Machines using SDN and Scheduling (Anna Triginer) – supervisor: Robert-Steve Schmoll
  • Comparison and Evaluation of Boot Times for Virtualized Instances (Tobias Fischer) – supervisor: Robert-Steve Schmoll
  • Investigation of coding parameters impact on transport layer protocols performance (Jingshu Zhou) – supervisor: Justus Rischke