Diploma Thesis

  • Joint offloading and scheduling optimization in UAV assisted MEC System (Yilun Hai) – Supervisor: Shiwei Shen, Jiajing Zhang
  • Examination of identification in Software Defined Radios (Alexander Hefele) – Supervisor: Juan Cabrera, Caspar v. Lengerke

Master Thesis

  • Investigation of Deep Reinforcement Learning for Routing in Software-defined Networks (Yueyue Gao) – Supervisor: Peter Sossalla, Johannes Busch

Student/Bachelor Thesis

  • Deep Reinforcement Learning for Handovers in Mobile Networks (Xianran Liu) – Supervisor: Johannes Busch, Christian Vielhaus
  • Rate control algorithms for WiFi with machine learning (Mingyu Ma) – Supervisor: Christian Vielhaus
  • Design and Analysis of a Test Bed for IETF Network Slicing (Yankai Su) – Supervisor: Stefan Senk, Jennifer Gabriel
  • Relay Positioning for UAVs on Construction Site Communication (Jiakang Weng) – Supervisor: Jiajing Zhang
  • Study of Quantum Teleportation Performance in Classical-Quantum Communication Networks (Lan Yao) – Supervisor: Riccardo Bassoli