Ongoing Student Theses

Diploma Thesis

  1. Lossless Migration of Distributed Unit in 5G Radio Access Networks (Yuli Jiao) – Supervisor: Ricardo Pousa
  2. Distributed Machine Learning for Enhanced Gas Mixture Analysis in Sensor Networks (Yuzhe Wang) – Supervisor: Yushan Yang, Jiajing Zhang
  3. Enhancing Security Mechanisms for Low-Latency Communication in Network Coding (Xingyu Zhou) – Supervisor: Mehmet Akif Kurt, Hosein Kangavar Nazari
  4. A comprehensive framework to benchmark radar-based gesture recognition (Yifan Ma) – Supervisor: Giang T. Nguyen
  5. Erfassung von Messwerten mittels Maschinellem Lernen (Jonas Stiegler) – Supervisor: Christian Scheunert

Master Thesis

Currently, there is no ongoing master thesis.

Student/Bachelor Thesis/Project Work

  1. Design and Optimized Vibration Control and Streamlined Communication for FingerTac in AR/VR Interactions (Guangehen Zhu) – Supervisor: Yushan Yang
  2. Implementation of Explainability Methods in AI (Chenjun Wu) – Supervisor: Jonas Schulz
  3. Network traffic analysis of a pilot user study on haptic teleoperation (Yixin Yuan) – Supervisor: Amr Osman
  4. Towards automating human inputs in haptic teleoperation applications (Josef Gudnason) – Supervisor: Giang Nguyen, Amr Osman
  5. Resilience Investigation in Distributed Storage System (with Broadcast Communication – in WSN) (Willi Meißner) – Supervisor: Paul Schwenteck, Sandra Zimmermann