Diploma Thesis

Master Thesis

  • A framework for live migration of services in cloud computing (Sebastian Willmer) – supervisor: Giang Nguyen

Study Thesis

  • Telepresence Demonstrator – Remote Controlled Car via Augmented Reality (Renbing Zhang) – supervisor: Alexander Kropp and Vincent Latzko
  • Emulating and visualizing real-world networks in OpenStack environment (Ruifeng Gao) – supervisor: Giang Nguyen
  • Dynamic resource allocation for Service Function Chaining (SFC) with migration (Alex Sarmanow) – supervisor: Giang Nguyen
  • Dynamic network slicing on OpenFlow enabled networks (Peter Sossalla) – supervisor: Giang Nguyen
  • Improving FSC performance with Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) (Zhongyi Fan) – supervisor: Giang Nguyen


  • Ultra-Low Delay Video Transmission for VR (Renbing Zhang) – supervisor: Alexander Kropp