Diploma Thesis

  • Evaluation of coding window size of sliding window RLNC for vehicle platooning traffic scenarios (Paul Schwenteck) – supervisor: Elif Tasdemir
  • Optimizing Broadcast Delivery in Dynamic Wireless Mesh Networks (Marek Sobe) – supervisor: Simon Wunderlich
  • Design and Evaluation of a Network Softwarization Platform for Edge and In-Network Computing (Patrick Ziegler) – supervisor: Zuo Xiang
  • Learning Coding Schemes (Alexander Sarmanow) – supervisor: Vincent Latzko
  • Learning Optimal Congestion Control Algorithms (Christian Vielhaus) – supervisor: Vincent Latzko
  • Fast Traffic Congestion Detection and Avoidance for Edge Data Center Network with modern Programmable Switches (Ulrich Baur) – supervisor: Zuo Xiang

Master Thesis

  • Machine Learning for Efficient Resource Allocation Strategies in Multi-Domain Communication Network (Wenyu Lin) – supervisor: Jiajing Zhang
  • Investigation of smart routing and queue management for on the fly processing (Mao Xinwei) – supervisor: Andreas Ingo Grohmann
  • Theme Improving Next-Generation Video Codec Segmentation using Deep Learning Techniques (Cheng Chiang Huang) – supervisor: Vincent Latzko
  • Approximating optimal Broadcast in Wireless Mesh Networks with Machine Learning (Giovanni Perin) – supervisor: David Nophut

Student/Bachelor Thesis

  • Delay Evaluation of Fulcrum Network Coding Variations (Jiawei Li) – supervisor Vu Nguyen
  • Anomaly detection with blind source separation (Silvia Margarit) – supervisor: Huanzuo Wu
  • Optimizing computation offloading decision in Deviced-enhanced MEC system (Hai Yilun) . supervisor: Mahshid Mehrabi
  • Implementation of Unidirectional Reliable Oracle Structured Stream Compression (Liyao Qu) – supervisor: Máté Tömösközi
  • Configuration of a TSN and SDN capable network node using OpenDaylight in a time sensitive industrial context (Lukas Pingel) – supervisor: Marian Ulbrucht
  • Achieving low latency by enabling network-aware migration for stateful applications in Mobile Edge Cloud (Chenglin Ding) – supervisor: Tung Doan