Diploma Thesis

  • Rate Control in Mesh Networks using Opportunistic Routing (Jennifer Schwardt) – Supervisor: Frank Fitzek, Jennifer Gabriel
  • Definition and Implementation of an Acknowledgement Protocol for Entanglement-assisted Communications (Leonardo Alexis Gonzalez Zuniga) – Supervisor: Riccardo Bassoli
  • State Management for the 5G Control Plane (Franz Höpfner) – Supervisor: Malte Höweler
  • Investigation of SLAM processing in an Edge Cloud (Johannes Hofer) – Supervisor: Peter Sossalla, Justus Rischke
  • Calibration of mobile network simulations with measurement data (Xuefan Wang) – Supervisor: Christian Vielhaus
  • Joint offloading and scheduling optimization in UAV assisted MEC System (Yilun Hai) – Supervisor: Shiwei Shen, Jiajing Zhang

Master Thesis

  • Predictive Quality of Service in Cellular Networks (Abhiram Uppoor) – Supervisor: Christian Vielhaus

Student/Bachelor Thesis

  • Network slicing with programmable switches (Tobias Scheinert) – Supervisor: Giang T. Nguyen
  • Evaluation and Simulation of Common Randomness Generation for Physical Layer (Yang Xu) – Supervisor: Mauri Seidel, Jennifer Gabriel
  • Investigation of requesting strategies in MARS (Xingyu Zhou) – Supervisor: Paul Schwenteck, Sandra Zimmermann
  • Speeding up Defense Mechanisms Against Pollution Attacks (Juncen Zhong) – Supervisor: Jennifer Gabriel, Mauri Seidel
  • Study of Quantum Teleportation Performance in Classical-Quantum Communication Networks (Lan Yao) – Supervisor: Riccardo Bassoli