Diploma Thesis

  • Increasing the Resilience of Opportunistic Routing Protocols with Distributed Packet Forwarding and Error Correction Schemes (Hugo Forrat) – Supervisor: Christian Vielhaus
  • A Study on 5G Quality of Service Mechanisms with OMNeT++ (Hengkai Zhao) – Supervisor: How-Hang Liu, Stefan Senk, Hosein K. Nazari
  • Improving Performance of Service Mesh for Cloud Native Applications Using Programmable Data Planes (Jiakang Weng) – Supervisor: Tung Doan
  • Traffic differentiation on programmable switches for haptic applications (Mingyu Ma) – Supervisor: Jun.-Prof. Giang T. Nguyen
  • Intelligent Optimization using AI for Emerging Time-Sensitive Applications (Scheinert, Tobias) – Supervisor: Stefan Senk, Hosein K. Nazari, How-Hang Liu

Master Thesis

  • Mobility- and Accelerator-aware Offloading Schemes (Mohamad Jamil Al Bouhairi) – Supervisor: Vincent Latzko

Student/Bachelor Thesis

  • Exploring Efficient Time-aware Shaper Configurations for the Fully Centralized TSN Network Controller (Abraham Payasian) – Supervisor: Hosein K. Nazari, Stefan Senk, How-Hang Liu
  • Disaggregated Radio Access Network Latency Analysis (Fengmin Shen) – Supervisor: Andreas Grohmann, Mauri Seidel
  • Evaluation on the use of commodity WiFi hardware for testing out physical (Markus Schmidt) – Supervisor: H. K. Nazari
  • Network traffic analysis of a pilot user study on haptic teleoperation (Yixin Yuan) – Supervisor: Amr Osman
  • Towards automating human inputs in haptic teleoperation applications (Josef Gudnason) – Supervisor: Giang Nguyen, Amr Osman
  • Coding Strategies for Preserving Data in High Mobility MANETs (Tobias Trenschel) – Supervisor: Paul Schwenteck
  • Resilience Investigation in Distributed Storage System (with Broadcast Communication – in WSN) (Willi Meißner) – Supervisor: Paul Schwenteck, Sandra Zimmermann
  • Study of Quantum Teleportation Performance in Classical-Quantum Communication Networks (Lan Yao) – Supervisor: Riccardo Bassoli