Diploma Thesis

  • Machine-Learning-based Point Cloud Completion fort he Estimation of Deformed Surfaces from Partial Views (Max Kirchner) – Supervisor: Christian Vielhaus; M. Eng. Reuben Docea – NCT Dresden
  • Investigation of SLAM processing in Multiple Edge Clouds (Erik Noack) – Supervisor: Peter Sossalla, Johannes Hofer
  • Anomaly Detection in Sensory Data Using Machine Learning (Yiqi Tang) – Supervisor: Maté Tömösközi
  • Proof of Work for enhanced Denial of Service Protection in WPA3 (Silvio Ankermann) – Supervisor: Jennifer Gabriel
  • Definition and Implementation of an Acknowledgement Protocol for Entanglement-assisted Communications (Leonardo Alexis Gonzalez Zuniga) – Supervisor: Riccardo Bassoli

Master Thesis

  • Currently, there is no ongoing master thesis.

Student/Bachelor Thesis

  • Resilience Investigation in Distributed Storage System (with Broadcast Communication – in WSN) (Willi Meißner) – Supervisor: Paul Schwenteck, Sandra Zimmermann
  • Study of Quantum Teleportation Performance in Classical-Quantum Communication Networks (Lan Yao) – Supervisor: Riccardo Bassoli