Open Topics in the Area of Quantum Communication Networks, Post-Shannon Communication, Guesswork, and Molecular Communications

Study of Simulation Platforms to Analyse Quantum Communication Networks

Supervisor: Riccardo Bassoli

Simulating quantum-mechanical properties of quantum communication networks is not an easy task and every existing simulator is based on some initial assumptions to allow classical modelling of quantum behaviours. Each quantum simulator has pros and cons to be analysed in order to use it correctly, to model a specific aspect (or a set of aspects) of future quantum communication networks. This is fundamental to be able to correctly interpret the results obtained after simulations. The details of the thesis’ topic and the level of the targets will be adapted according to the student’s preferences, motivation and talent.
  • Starting time: February 2021
  • Diploma/Master thesis
  • Required skills: background on classical computer science and programming, ComNets2 and ComNets3

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