Jiajing Zhang

M.Sc. Jiajing Zhang

PhD Researcher

Jiajing Zhang is a Ph.D. student in Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks at TU Dresden.
She was born in Henan, China and studied at North China Electric Power University (Beijing) where she received her bachelor degree in Communication Engineering. After finishing her bachelor, she started to pursue her master degree in Nanoelectronic Systems at Dresden University of Technology. During her studies in Germany, she worked as a student assistant at the university (in the field of MIMO millimeter wave and Vehicular Communication) and Fraunhofer Institute (in the field of Vehicular Communication) and in 2017 she moved to Munich to work as an intern at Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf GmbH (in the field of Vehicular Communication). She has finished her project work with the topic related to vehicular communication and master thesis with the topic of smart grid learning and automation both in Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks. Currently she is working in the field of industrial communication.


Phone: +49 351 463-32155
Email: jiajing.zhang@tu-dresden.de


Master Thesis

  • Machine Learning for Efficient Resource Allocation Strategies in Multi-Domain Communication Network (Wenyu Lin)


Wu, Huanzhuo ; Shen, Yunbin ; Zhang, Jiajing ; Tsokalo, Ievgenii A; Salah, Hani ; Fitzek, Frank H P

Component-Dependent Independent Component Analysis for Time-Sensitive Applications Inproceedings

2020 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), IEEE Dublin, Ireland, 2020.