Dr.-Ing. Juan A. Cabrera

Postdoc researcher

Juan Alberto Cabrera obtained his PhD (summa cum laude) on June 16th, 2022. He is currently working at the “Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks” at TU Dresden. He leads the Chair’s research group on semantic and goal-oriented communications. He is also in charge of teaching the course “Practical Implementations of Network Coding.”

Juan Cabrera’s research interests are semantic and goal-oriented communications, functional compression, message identification, common randomness generation, network coding, and in-network distributed storage and computing.

He was born in Caracas, Venezuela and studied at Simon Bolivar University, where he received his bachelor’s degree with honours (cum laude) in electronics engineering in 2013. He studied for one year in Prague, Czech Republic, during the bachelor’s program at the Czech Technical University in Prague (2011 – 2012). After finishing his bachelor’s, he moved to Denmark, receiving his master’s degree (2015) in wireless communications systems at Aalborg University.


Phone: +49 351 463-35377
Email: juan.cabrera@tu-dresden.de


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