Ievgen Kharabet

M.Sc. Ievgen Kharabet

PhD Researcher

Ievgen Kharabet is a Research Fellow at the “Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks” at TU Dresden, he’s working on 3D visualization for demonstrators in the research group of Industrial Networks.
Ievgen received his Master degree at National Technical University of Ukraine “ISKPI” in Kyiv in 2014. His Bachelor and Master thesis were connected to electro-physical properties of composites and polymaterials.


Phone: +49 351 463-32155



Tsokalo, Ievgenii A.; Kuß, David; Kharabet, Ievgen; Fitzek, Frank H. P.; Reisslein, Martin

Remote Robot Control with Human-in-the-Loop Over Long Distances using Digital Twins Inproceedings

In: 2019 IEEE Global Communications Conference: Selected Areas in Communications: Tactile Internet (Globecom2019 SAC TI), Waikoloa, USA, 2019.