M.Eng. Sifat Rezwan

PhD Researcher

Sifat Rezwan received his B.Sc. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from North South University, Bangladesh, in 2018. Then, he obtained his M.Eng. degree in Computer Engineering from Chosun University, South Korea, in 2022. During 2019–2020, he was with Grameenphone Ltd. (Telenor group), where he was involved in transmission network operations and automation and received the top performer award in 2020. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at Technische Universität Dresden.


Office: I/40, “Barkhausenbau (BAR)“, Georg-Schumann-Str. 11, 01187 Dresden, Germany.
Email: sifat.rezwan@tu-dresden.de

Phone: +49 351 463-40857

Research interests

  • Post-Shannon communication methods
  • Network Functional Compression
  • Resource optimization for 5G and 6G networks
  • In-network computing
  • Artificial intelligence in wireless networks

He is currently working with Post-Shannon communication to increase the network capacity with functional compression and in-network computing.

Review service

  • Reviewer IEEE European Wireless 2022
  • Reviewer IEEE Communications Letters
  • Reviewer IEEE Internet of Things Journal


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Rezwan, Sifat; Choi, Wooyeol

Q-Learning-based Resource Allocation with Priority-based Clustering for Heterogeneous NOMA Systems Proceedings Article

In: The 9th International Conference on Smart Media and Applications, pp. 253–257, 2020.


Rezwan, Sifat; Shin, Seokjoo; Choi, Wooyeol

A Study on Implementation Methods of Reinforcement Learning in NOMA Systems Proceedings Article

In: 한국통신학회 학술대회논문집, pp. 189–190, 2020.



Rezwan, Sifat; Ishtiak, Taoseef; Rahman, Rummana; Rahman, Hafiz Abdur; Akter, Manjurul; Ratul, Hasibul Alam; Hosain, M Shazzad; Jakariya, M

A minimalist model of IoT based sensor system for sewage treatment plant monitoring Proceedings Article

In: 2019 IEEE 10th Annual Information Technology, Electronics and Mobile Communication Conference (IEMCON), pp. 0939–0945, IEEE 2019.


Rahman, Md Mizanur; Hossain, Shafayet; Rezwan, Sifat

Seven-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter and Fault-Tolerant Control Strategy Proceedings Article

In: 2019 2nd International Conference on Innovation in Engineering and Technology (ICIET), pp. 1–6, IEEE 2019.


Rahman, Md Mizanur; Hossain, Shafayet; Rezwan, Sifat

Dispatched power and unbalanced operation of a three-phase NPC based double-stage grid connected PV system Proceedings Article

In: 2019 4th International Conference on Electrical Information and Communication Technology (EICT), pp. 1–6, IEEE 2019.



Rezwan, Sifat; Ahmed, Wasit; Mahia, Mahrin Alam; Islam, Mohammad Rezaul

IoT based smart inventory management system for kitchen using weight sensors, LDR, LED, Arduino Mega and NodeMCU (ESP8266) Wi-Fi module with website and app Proceedings Article

In: 2018 Fourth International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication & Automation (ICACCA), pp. 1–6, IEEE 2018.


Rezwan, Sifat; Hossain, Shafayet; Tasnim, Samiha; Rahman, Md Mizanur

Transformer-less Single Phase H2D4 Inverter with Voltage Controller for Grid-tied PV System Proceedings Article

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Rezwan, Sifat; Hossain, Shafayet; Tasnim, Samiha; Rahman, Md Mizanur

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Islam, Mohammad Rezaul; Chowdhury, Fatin Hasnath; Rezwan, Sifat; Ishaque, Mohammed Jawad; Akanda, Jamir Uddin; Tuhel, Abu Shaid; Riddhe, Benazir Bashar

Novel design and performance analysis of a Mars exploration robot: Mars rover mongol pothik Proceedings Article

In: 2017 Third International Conference on Research in Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks (ICRCICN), pp. 132–136, IEEE 2017.


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Design, control & performance analysis of forecast junction IoT and swarm robotics based system for natural disaster monitoring Proceedings Article

In: 2017 8th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT), pp. 1–5, IEEE 2017.


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