M.Sc. Abdelkrim Menina

PhD Researcher

Abdelkrim Menina is a PhD Researcher at The Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks, TU Dresden. He is currently investigating the “quantification of resiliency for a quantum network”.

He completed a Master’s degree in Quantum Devices at Université de Paris Cité, while achieving a Magesterium degree in Physics at the same university in 2022. He completed another Master’s degree in Quantum Information at Sorbonne University in 2023.

Abdelkrim’s research of interest is the implementation of a resilient hybrid classical-quantum network communication system.


Email: abdelkrim.menina@tu-dresden.de

Office: Barkhausenbau I51,
Georg-Schumann-Straße 11,
01187, Dresden

Tel. +49 351 6436 3905

Research Interests

  • Quantum Communication
  • Quantum Information Theory and Computing
  • 5G and Beyond


  • Q-TREX