M.Sc. Ekaterina Arkhangelskaya

PhD Researcher

Kate Arkhangelskaya has joined the chair as a Ph.D. student in January 2024. Her research interests lie on the intersection of explainable AI, in-network computing and haptic communication.

Before that she has been a Research Assistant at the Chair of Industrial Design and Engineering where she was responsible for creating and developing the data analysis and machine learning components of the veiio project.

In 2022 she has completed her Masters in Computer Science at the Saarland University. Her thesis work was focusing on explainability and disentanglement of neural networks. During her studies she also worked as a sturent assistant focusing on Domain Adaptation for Question Answering at DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) and Core Sets for Deep Learning at the CISPA Helmholz Center for Cybersecurity.


Email: ekaterina.arkhangelskaya@tu-dresden.de
Room: BAR I/29