M.Sc. Mehmet Akif Kurt

PhD Researcher

Mehmet Akif Kurt is a Ph.D. researcher at Deutsche Telekom Chair for Communication Networks at TU Dresden. He received his BSc degree in “Electrical and Electronics Engineering” from Middle East Technical University in Turkey. He also received his MSc in “Communication Enginnering” from Koc University in Turkey. He focused on “Design of Novel Spatial Modulation Schemes for MIMO Systems” during MSc studies. His current research focus is Resilience Enhancement in Radio Access Networks.


Research Interests:

  • Radio Access Networks (RAN)
  • MIMO Systems
  • Physical Layer Security


  • Software Campus Project
  • 5G-OPERA


Email: mehmet_akif.kurt@tu-dresden.de
Room: BAR I/13



Kurt, Mehmet Akif; Dogukan, Ali Tugberk; Basar, Ertugrul

Spatial Modulation Using Signal Space Diversity Journal Article

In: IEEE Communications Letters, pp. 1-1, 2023.

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Nazari, Hosein K.; Kurt, Mehmet Akif; Liu, How-Hang; Senk, Stefan; Nguyen, Giang T.; Fitzek, Frank H. P.

Incremental Joint Scheduling and Routing for 5G-TSN Integration Proceedings Article

In: European Wireless (EW), Rome, Italy, 2023, (accepted for publication).



Kurt, Mehmet Akif; Basar, Ertugrul

Flexible Spatial Modulation With Transmit Antenna Selection for MIMO Systems Journal Article

In: IEEE Systems Journal, pp. 1-4, 2022.

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Kurt, Mehmet Akif; Başar, Ertuğrul

Transmit Antenna Grouping Quadrature Spatial Modulation for MIMO Systems Proceedings Article

In: 2021 29th Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU), pp. 1-4, 2021.

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