M.Sc. Milad Ghadimi

PhD Researcher


Milad Ghadimi is a PhD researcher at “Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks” at Technische Universität Dresden. His main research interests are designing and implementing link layer features for a hybrid (quantum-classical) campus network project.

He was born in Isfahan, Iran. He received two BSc degrees in “Electrical Engineering (Communication)” and a minor major in “physics” at the Isfahan University of Technology (IUT). He also received his MSc in “quantum information in physics,” where he focused on “quantum machine learning algorithms with mathematical view.” Moreover, he worked as a research assistant as a quantum information scientist at UCL, UK, and IUT, Iran. He also worked as a Machine learning developer in the industry, where his works focused on developing face recognition systems and data analysis.

Research Interests

• Quantum Information Processing

• Machine Learning

• Mathematical Physics


Projects: QD-CamNetz


Email: milad.ghadimi@tu-dresden.de

Phone:+49 351 463-43936
Room: BAR I/52