M.Sc. Ricardo Jose Baptista Pousa

PhD Researcher

Ricardo Pousa is a Ph.D. researcher at Deutsche Telekom Chair for Communication Networks at TU Dresden. He is a part of the EWOC (Enabling Virtualized Wireless and Optical Coexistence for 5G and Beyond) project. His research focus is Dynamic Functional Splitting of Next Generation Networks.

He is from Portugal.  He has a BSc and MSc in Computer and Telematics Engineering from the University of Aveiro. Simultaneously, he has carried out internships in e-commerce backend development and ML NLP AI for customer support.

Research Interests

  • RAN (Radio Access Networks)
  • 5G/6G Networks
  • Machine Learning



Phone: +49 351 463-43935

Email: ricardo_jose.baptista_pousa@tu-dresden.de

Room: BAR I/13



Pousa, Ricardo J. B.; Nguyen, Giang T.; Bassoli, Riccardo; Fitzek, Frank H. P.

Road to Dynamic Functional Split in Radio Access Networks Proceedings Article

In: IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference (MELECON), pp. 6, Porto, Portugal, 2024.

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