M.Sc. Vignesh Raman

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Vignesh Raman is a PhD researcher at the Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks at TU Dresden.

He was born in India and studied at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, Georgia), where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with highest honors (2021), with his thesis in quantum communication concerning quantum steganography in lossy bosonic channels. He then pursued his Master of Science degree in Quantum Science and Engineering (2023) in the University of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois) under the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering with a prestigious PME graduate fellowship.

Over the course of his studies, he had worked on a multitude of research projects ranging from work in geometric topology to homomorphic encryption in security systems to the PPT squared conjecture, in addition to more recent projects concerning quantum error correction in cosmic ray affected superconducting qubit systems and quantum machine learning for financial datasets.

He is currently interested in research at the intersection of 4 fields – quantum communication, quantum technologies for 6g wireless networks, network engineering and Tactile Internet architecture.


Email: vignesh.raman@tu-dresden.de
Office: Building – Barkhausenbau (BAR); Room – BAR I-42A
Office Telephone Number: +4935146343941

Research Interests

  1. Integrating quantum technologies into Tactile Internet architecture to overcome inherent limitations of classical technologies.
  2. Quantum communication theory, especially in wireless networks (5g/6g).
  3. Quantum communication/QEC/QML protocols/systems/algorithms and optimization thereof for telecom & finance industries.


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