Sreekrishna Pandi

M.Sc. Sreekrishna Pandi

PhD Researcher

Sreekrishna Pandi is a Ph.D. researcher at the “Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks” at TU Dresden, working on the Atto 3D project. He has been working with the chair since January 2015.

He received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in the field of electronics and instrumentation engineering from Anna University, India in 2013. Right after graduation, he moved to Dresden, Germany to pursue his masters studies in the field of ‘Nano-electronic systems’. He graduated his masters degree from the Technical University of Dresden in October 2015. During the final year of his masters he developed deep research interests in the field of computer and mobile networks, with an exclusive focus on their network coding context. He also made a publication and wrote his master thesis on the same field.


Phone: +49 351 463-39244

Research Interests

  • Cooperative communication systems
  • Network Coding
  • Wireless mesh networks
  • Wireless LAN systems
  • Massively parallelized multi-core computing


SS 18

  • Cooperative communication systems – TA

WS 17/18

  • Problem based learning – TA

SS 17

  • Cooperative communication systems – TA

WS 16/17

  • Actual Topics – TA

SS 16

  • Cooperative communication systems – TA

WS 15/16

  • Actual Topics – TA


Master Thesis

  • Investigation of state-of-the-art vehicular communication technoilogies and hybrid networking opportunities for 5G connected cars – Christopher Lehmann
  • Study and evaluation of cooperative data dissemination with Network Coding – Roberto Torre

Study Thesis

  • Investigation of Single-hop Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication based on IEEE802.11p – Jiajing Zhang
  • Demonstrating Opportunities of connected drive with mobile robots – Part I – Christopher Lehmann
  • Demonstrating Opportunities of connected drive with mobile robots – Part II – David Nophut

Hauptseminar/Oberseminar/Actual Topics

  • Implementation of wifi channel analyzer in python3 – Christopher Lehmann
  • Packet loss correlation in Wi-Fi at Multiple datra rates – Christopher Lehmann
  • Development and Implementation of a visualization from a B.A.T.M.A.N mesh network with NetJSON – Jens Hackel
  • Implementation and evaluation of feedback in multi-generation paced coders – Joseph Gartner
  • Extending the Network Grapher protocol – Jan Braje, Alexander Sarmanow, Marek Sobe, and Luca Steinweg


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