Randy Gelfert

PhD Researcher

Randy Gelfert has been a trained cutting machine operator since 2010.
His professional competences lie in the field of practice of all industrial-technical professions in the metalworking industry.
He has worked for almost 10 years as a specialist trainer for machining technology at an educational service provider in Chemnitz.
Topics such as technical design, machining and additive manufacturing are Randy’s home, along with electronic topics.

He actively supports research groups in the development of demonstrators with a focus on robotics. His next big project will be planning and implementing his own start-up together with Frank Peters, called hydrabyte.


Email: randy.gelfert@mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Room: BAR S/15
Phone: (+49) 176 43 65 88 16

Current project

Maximum productivity? Multi-robot systems!

In a world where single-robot programs take up time, resources, and fall short of their potential, our multi-robot systems revolutionize efficiency – regardless of the manufacturer!Modern production lines consist of many robots working mostly seperately in a line. But why that? Current programming methods are only made for one robot. If you put the robots close to each other, they will fail. Therefore, we have dedicated hydrabyte to the programming of multi-robot systems. HYDRABYTE – the key to design revolutionary assets. We enable the powerful combination of a wide variety of robot types. Our goal is to get the freedom to seamlessly combine robots of different models and functions to create a powerful multi-robot system. Regardless of manufacturer or model, we find the optimal integration  and open up new possibilities for collaboration and productivity. With a unique pool of know-how, algorithms, and software tools resulting from several years of leading research and development work, we are on the right way. Collaborating with numerous integrators and solution providers, we have the essential support for the realization of next-generation systems. THIS IS HYDRABYTE