Zuo Xiang

Dipl.-Ing. Zuo Xiang

PhD Researcher

Zuo Xiang is a Ph.D. student at “Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks” at TU Dresden.

He was born in Gansu, China and studied at the Xidian University (Xi’an China) where he received his bachelor degree with honors (cum laude) in telecommunications engineering in 2014. After finishing his bachelor, he moved to Germany where he received his Diplom degree with honors (cum laude) in electrical engineering (2018) at Dresden University of Technology. During his studies, he worked as a student assistant and worked as an intern at Ericsson Eurolab for software development and network engineering. His current research focus is on ultra low latency and energy-efficient network softwarization, Computing In the Network (COIN) and network performance evaluation.


Email: zuo.xiang@tu-dresden.de, xianglinks@gmail.com (personal)
Phone: +49 351 463-35377
Office: Barkhausenbau, BAR/I9, Georg-Schumann-Straße 11, 01187 Dresden

Research Interests

  • Design and Implementation of High-speed Virtualized Network Function (VNF)

  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

  • Computing In the Network (COIN)

  • Network Performance Evaluation




  • Communication Networks 3
  • Problem-Based Learning


  • Practical implementation of network coding


I am looking for highly motivated students from TU Dresden who are interested in pursuing a student/master/diploma thesis in the areas of Network Function Virtualization, Software Defined Network and In-Network Computing. Contact me if you want to design and build cool and practical systems.

Diplom/Master Thesis

  • Evaluation and Implementation of Adaptive Service Function Chaining Protocol for Latency Sensitive Object Detection (Renbing Zhang)
  • Design and Evaluation of a Network Softwarization Platform for Edge and In-Network Computing (Patrick Ziegler)
  • Fast Traffic Congestion Detection and Avoidance for Edge Data Center Network with modern Programmable Switches (Ulrich Baur) (on-going)
  • Routing algorithm design for Compression-And-Forward in Mesh Networks (Mohammad Kameli) (on-going)

Student Thesis

  • Implementation and evaluation of different live migration strategies for Service Function Chaining(SFC) on the OpenStack platform (Alex Sarmanow)
  • Evaluation Adaptive Placement and Migration Approaches for Cloud Applications on the Network Softwarization Emulator (Carl Collmann)
  • Implementation and Latency Performance Evaluation of Disaggregated Virtualized Network Function (VNF) Runtime Based on Microservices (Bo Gao) (on-going)


  • Performance Evaluation of Network Coding as a Virtualized Network Function in the Service Function Chain (Silvio Ankermann)
  • Pedestrian Detection Approach with Compute Offloading on the Service Function Chain (SFC) (Xuefan Wang)



Xiang, Zuo ; Gabriel, Frank ; Urbano, Elena ; Nguyen, Giang T; Reisslein, Martin ; Fitzek, Frank H P

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IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 37 (5), pp. 1098-1116, 2019, ISSN: 0733-8716.

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Xiang, Zuo ; Gabriel, Frank ; Nguyen, Giang T; Fitzek, Frank H P

Latency Measurement of Service Function Chaining on OpenStack Platform Inproceedings

2018 IEEE 43rd Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN) (LCN 2018), Chicago, USA, 2018.

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