Actual Topics  (Problem Based Learning)

Lecturer: Prof. Frank Fitzek
Assistant: M.Sc. Sreekrishna Pandi

On 2nd Feb, we meet at 14:00  in FAL106 for the project work (Exam) discussion!


The course offers hands-on learning to the topics which are discussed in the course “Communication Networks 3” using a problem-based learning approach. Various tools ranging from legacy network swiss army knives such as iperf and tcpdump to state-of-the-art virtualisation tools such as Docker  are introduced to the students. The tools complement and aid the understanding of the  “Communication Networks 3”  lecture through practical experience. Multiple members of the chair will offer lectures and tutorials on the tools every week based on their area of expertise to facilitate a varied and effective learning ecosystem.
Students will work in small groups on small projects related to these topics, which will be evaluated at the end of the course.

Language of lecture: English
This course is offered only in Winter Semester


Optional course, 9. Semester
Extent: 1 1 0 (V/Ü/P)
Tuesday, 13:00 and Monday 09:20 every second week (even weeks)
Location: FAL 106


All the members of the chair

Topics / Tools

  1. Network SAK – Wireshark, iperf
  2. Data analysis – Jupyter, Pandas, Matplotlib
  3. Network coding – Kodo Python
  4. Deployment and Orchestration – SCP, Rsync, Python-Fabric
  5. Virtualization – Docker, OpenStack
  6. SDN and Network Emulation – Mininet + Multipath TCP
  7. Simulation – NS3
  8. Wireless Mesh – BATMAN


11. Okt. 2016FAL 106Problem Based Learning: The idea and examples. Overview of the module/Course; Exam
17. Okt. 2016FAL 106Python & Kodo
18. Okt. 2016FAL 106SCP, rsync, Python fabric
25. Okt. 2016FAL 106docker 1
01. Nov. 2016FAL 106Wireshark, iperf
08. Nov. 2016FAL 106NS3
14. Nov. 2016FAL 106mininet
15. Nov. 2016FAL 106docker 2
22. Nov. 2016FAL 106NS3
28. Nov. 2016FAL 106Multipath
29. Nov. 2016FAL 106docker 3
06. Dez. 2016FAL 07/085G aus Sicht des Netzwerkproviders (Guest Lecture: Dr. Bruno Jacobfeuerborn)
12. Dez. 2016FAL 106Openstack 1
13. Dez. 2016FAL 106Software Defined Network 1
20. Dez. 2016FAL 106Software Defined Network 2
10. Jan. 2017FAL 07/08Machine Learning 1
17. Jan. 2017FAL 106Jupyter, pandas, matplotlib
23. Jan. 2017FAL 106Openstack 2
24. Jan. 2017FAL 106Machine Learning 2
31. Jan. 2017FAL 106Project Work 2
02. Feb. 2017FAL 106Exam Discussion