Smart Grid Communications

Riccardo Bonetto
Dr.-Ing. Riccardo Bonetto


The course Smart Grid Communications is offered for students in the module “Kommunikationstechnik” from the Renewable Energy Systems studies. It is linked to the course “Kommunikationsnetze” in this module as well.

Course material will be uploaded to OPAL.

Language of lecture: German and English

Optional course, 8th semester, Renewable Energy Studies

Oral exam, 30min, place/time: see OPAL

Module Number: RES-WK-45

Time Schedule

Lectures: Tuesdays 14:50-16:20, Room Würzburger Str. 46 WÜR//0007/H

02.04.2019Dr. BonettoWÜR//0007/HIntroduction to the Course and Mathematical Background
09.04.2019Dr. BonettoFAL 07/08Overview Communications. Smart Grids and IoT
16.04.2019Sen.-Prof. LehnertFAL 07/08PLC
23.04.2019Abdelrahman AbdelkaderFAL 07/08IoT Concepts and Protocols 1: PHY, MAC
30.04.2019Dr. BonettoFAL 07/08IoT Concepts and Protocols 2: Application Layer
07.05.2019Dr. BonettoFAL 07/08DBMS 1: Relational Databases and SQL
14.05.2019Dr. BonettoFAL 07/08DBMS 2: NOSQL DBMS
21.05.2019Dr. BonettoFAL 07/08Data Analysis 1: Background
28.05.2019Dr. BonettoFAL 07/08Data Analysis 2: Traditional Methods
04.06.2019-FAL 07/08No Lecture/Pentecost
11.06.2019Dr. BonettoFAL 07/08Data Analysis 3: Machine Learning Methods
18.06.2019Dr. BonettoFAL 07/08Information Security 1: Cryptography
25.07.2019Dr. BonettoFAL 07/08Information Security 2: Cryptographic Protocols
02.07.2019Dr. BonettoBAR/I15Buffer/Consultation
09.07.2019Dr. BonettoBAR/I15Buffer/Consultation