Smart Grid Communications

Exam: 31.07.2018 FAL/04/05

Riccardo Bonetto

Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Riccardo Bonetto


The course Smart Grid Communications is offered for students in the module “Kommunikationstechnik” from the Renewable Energy Systems studies. It is linked to the course “Kommunikationsnetze” in this module as well.

Course material will be uploaded to OPAL.

Language of lecture: German and English

Optional course, 8th semester, Renewable Energy Studies

Oral exam, 30min, place/time: see OPAL

Module Number: RES-WK-45

Time Schedule

Lectures: Tuesdays 14:50-16:20, Room Würzburger Str. 46 WÜR//0007/H

10.04.2018Dr. Bonetto / Dr. RadekeSCH/A107/UIntroduction to the Course
17.04.2018Sen.-Prof. Ralf LehnertWÜR//0007/HOverview on Smart Grids and the Role of Communication
24.04.2018Dr. Riccardo BonettoWÜR//0007/HSmart Grid Distributed Optimization and Dynamic Pricing
01.05.2018--No lecture
08.05.2018Sen.-Prof. Ralf LehnertWÜR//0007/HSmart Metering
15.05.2018Dr. Joachim SeifertWÜR//0007/HDistributed Energy Ressources
22.05.2018--No lecture
29.05.2018Sen.-Prof. Ralf LehnertWÜR//0007/HPLC (Powerline Communication)
05.06.2018Dr. Riccardo BonettoWÜR//0007/HProject 1: Energy Efficient Building Berlin
12.06.2018Dr. Joachim SeifertWÜR//0007/HTEK-EKG
19.06.2018Dr. Ievgenii TsokaloWÜR//0007/HWireless Communication for Smart Grid
26.06.2018Dr. Joachim SeifertMER/215Visit to the Combined Energy Lab
03.07.2018Dr. Riccardo BonettoWÜR//0007/HPrivacy and Load Monitoring
10.07.2018Dr. Ievgenii TsokaloWÜR//0007/HDemand Response
17.07.2018Dr. Bonetto / Dr. RadekeWÜR//0007/HProject 2: Acatech
July/August Exam