Smart Grid Communications

Lecturer Dr.-Ing. Stanislav Mudriievskyi


The course Smart Grid Communications is offered for students in the module “Kommunikationstechnik” from the Renewable Energy Systems studies. It is linked to the course “Kommunikationsnetze” in this module as well.

Course material will be uploaded to OPAL.

Language of lecture: German

Optional course, 8th semester, Renewable Energy Studies

Oral exam, 30min, place/time: see OPAL

Module Number: RES-WK-45

Time Schedule

Lectures: Tuesdays 14:50-16:20, Room HSZ/0105/U

04.04.2017L1 Dr. Rico RadekeHSZ/0105/UIntro to Course and Module, Organizational stuff
11.04.2017L2HSZ/0105/UICT and Energy
18.04.2017L3 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf LehnertHSZ/0105/UOverview on Smart Grids
26.04.2017L4FAL 07/08Smart Grid and Storing Electricity
02.05.2017L5HSZ/0105/USmart Metering
09.05.2017L6HSZ/0105/UDemand Response and
ICT for behaviour change
16.05.2017L7HSZ/0105/UPowerLine Communication for Smart Grid
23.05.2017L8HSZ/0105/USmart Grid Project I
30.05.2017L9 Dr.-Ing. habil. Joachim SeifertHSZ/0105/UTEK EKG
13.06.2017L10HSZ/0105/USmart Grid Project I - Results discussion
20.06.2017L11 Dr. Rico RadekeHSZ/0105/UAcceptance issues & load monitoring / NILM and Smart Grid as an enabler
27.06.2017L12 M.Sc. Ievgenii TsokaloHSZ/0105/USmart DER Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
04.07.2017L13 Dr.-Ing. Anil ChorppathHSZ/0105/UWireless Communication for Smart Grid
11.07.2017L14HSZ/0105/USmart Grid Project II - Result presentation
ExamFor details see OPAL