Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Giang T. Nguyen

Assistant Professor

Giang T. Nguyen has been, since July 2021, an Assistant Professor and the Head of the Haptic Communication Systems research group. He is a principal investigator in interdisciplinary research projects, such as CeTI (Center of Excellence for Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-Loop) and 6G-life. Previously, he co-founded and worked at Wandelbots, a robotic startup, programming industrial robots via demonstration. Between 2016 and 2019, Giang Nguyen was a postdoc researcher at the Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks (ComNets), leading the NFV/SDN research group. Simultaneously, he is working on the Highly Adaptive Energy-Efficient Computing (HAEC) path of cfaed, coordinating the Architecture group of projects.

He received his Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications at Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST, Vietnam) in 2001, Master’s degree also in Telecommunications at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT, Thailand) in 2005. He was a Ph.D. student of Professor Thorsten Strufe at the Peer-to-Peer Networks group (TU Darmstadt, Germany) and then the Chair for Privacy and Data Security (TU Dresden, Germany). In March 2016, he successfully defended his dissertation titled “Contributions to the resilience of Peer-to-Peer video streaming against Denial-of-Service attacks.”


Phone: (0351) 463-34141
Email: giang.nguyen AT tu-dresden DOT de
Web: Haptic Communication Systems

Research interests

I am passionate about making communication networks and networked systems fast, flexible, and resilient. In particular, my research interests cover the following topics:

  • Computing in Communication Networks (or In-Network Computing)
  • Programmable Networks (e.g., leveraging the P4 language, smartNICs, and Intel’s Tofino switches)
  • Network Softwarization
  • Distributed systems (e.g., Peer-to-Peer and overlay networks)

Previous teaching and supervision

  • Integrating Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) and Service Function Chaining (SFC) in OpenStack to support network coding (Student thesis)
  • Dynamic network slicing on OpenFlow enabled networks (Student thesis, 2018)
  • Dynamic resource allocation for Service Function Chaining (SFC) with migration (Student thesis, 2018)
  • Emulating and visualizing real-world networks in OpenStack environment (Student thesis, 2018)
  • A framework for live migration of services in cloud computing (Master thesis, 2018)
  • Wireless link emulation in OpenStack (Student thesis, 2017)
  • Comparision of OpenStack deployment tools (Hauptseminar, 2017)
  • Experiment Orchestration in OpenStack (Hauptseminar, 2016)
Oberseminar topic supervision
  • Vector Packet Processing (VPP): Pushing Performance Limits (completed, 2018)
  • Boosting RLNC encoder performance (completed, 2016)
Problem-based learning (PBL) project supervision
  • Network Slicing for multimedia and mission-critical applications (completed, 2018)

I have been giving selective lectures on the following courses:

  1. Communication Networks III (Winter semester 2017)
  2. Praktikum MRT (Summer semester, since 2016)
  3. Cooperative Communications (Summer semester, since 2016)


  1. NFV/SDN as enabling technologies for Network Coding and Multiple-access Edge Computing (5G-XHaul workshop — Horizon 2020, Dresden 2018)
  2. Theory that Matters! Problem-based Learning Towards 5G Communication System and Standards (KuVS, Tübingen 2017)
  3. Fast Cloud: Mobile edge clouds for 5G networks (ITG workshop, Dresden 2016)
  4. SWAP: protecting pull-based P2P video streaming systems from inference attacks (WoWMoM, Portugal 2016)


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  • OSSim – A Generic Simulation Framework for Overlay Streaming
  • LSO – A multi-tree P2P-based Live Streaming Overlay


Conference and workshop chair